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> Mangekyou Sharingan Jutsu: Omoikane
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 05:48 PM
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Ryu: 2500

Name: Omoikane

Rank: S-rank

Jutsu Type: Genjutsu


Element: N/A

Requirements: Genjutsu Sharingan C-S, User must have Tsukuyomi as right eye Mangekyou Jutsu.

Description: Omoikane is among the rarest powers to have blessed the Mangekyou Sharingan. This technique allows the user to adorn his Genjutsu with a new effect called Trauma. This technique like aftershocks, appears once the Genjutsu has ended, and is not an illusion. Once a genjutsu has ended, this technique causes that Genjutsu to haunt the memory of the victim of that genjutsu with the most vivid flashbacks, that reflect and alter the victims reality in all senses that were affected by that genjutsu along with any and all modifications that were placed on that genjutsul, inducing feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, and pain (depending on the modifications and the genjutsu this is being added to) Each post that victim will also receive an aftershock 1 rank above that of the Genjutsu that was placed on them every post, the longer this effect takes place the worse it gets. In addition this technique requires no focus or concentration from the user once it is cast. Lastly, this jutsu etches that trauma forever into the memory of the victim, only capable of being removed by Jutsu that erase memory, whenever the victim sees the users Sharingan after this day, trauma will take effect for one post.

Limitations: Can only be used in Conjunction with Sharingan specific Genjutsu, or Tsukuyomi

Weaknesses: Kai'ing out of the Genjutsu will cancel out this technique.

Drawbacks:Use of this technique damages the user's left eye, inducing bloodloss from the eye and permanently reducing the user's eyesight in the left eye (both clarity and range) by 5%. This reduction is always calculated last, cannot be countered except by the effect of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and stacks every time this jutsu is used. Additionally, use of this jutsu causes extreme pain in the user's left eye.

Post Duration: +1 post for every 10 will power the user is above the victims resilience. (Min 1, Max 3)

Creator: Jashinru Uchiha

Cost: 2/4 of the cost of the Jutsu

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