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> [Rogue] Bonnie the Rogue Bunny
 Posted: Nov 27 2017, 12:32 AM
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Biographical Information

Name: Bonnie

Clan: N/A

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Ninja Status: Rogue Ninja

Rank: D-Rank

Length: 10 Inches, 25.4 Centimeters

Height: 5 Inches, 12.7 Centineters

Weight: 2 Pounds, 907 Grams

Description: Like a rabbit that doesn't belong anywhere, Bonnie is primarily a snowy-colored rabbit with several key details to note. His left ear has been clipped as if part of it was sliced by a sharp kunai or shuriken. Also, parts of its face on the left side is singed and burnt because he was 'resting' on a roasting pan at the time. A single, jagged scar mars his otherwise attractively rugged face across his nose. Bonnie has a phat ass too. Just saying. Pretty plump. It attracts all kinds of species, humans and wolves included.

Personality: Bonnie wasn't raised by parents. He doesn't know why, nor did he really care when he became capable of thinking, but the bun bun had to fend for itself the moment it was born. Because of this, the bunny is very antisocial and very silent to the point that he does not speak to anyone. Nor does he have the capacity to talk, but that is beside the point. Imagine a human child that does not receive any love the moment it's born. That is Bonnie.

Background: Bonnie was sadly a mistake in life, having been born in one of the worst rabbit holes in all of history. It all started when a rabbit made its nest in the middle of the grass. Two days later after being born, a predator ate almost all the babies in the nest as well as the mother. Only Bonnie was left. Why did he survive? How did he survive? Bonnie does not know why. What Bonnie does know is that he is alive and that he must struggle and struggle in order to survive.

It has been 3 years since he was born and an interesting event happened to Bonnie that almost cost him his life. While he was out foraging for tasty grass rich in fiber, a weapon thrown by a human made a gash across his pretty face. The bunny immediately played dead in fear for his life. He later blacked out when he got bonked on the head by the butt of a sword. He later smelled tasty chicken in his nose and smacked his lips together. Opening his eyes, he soon realized that the succulent aroma was coming from none other than himself, the left side of his body lying flat on a wide metal pan. Kicking into overdrive, Bonnie sprang out of the open fire oven, landed on the wooden floor, and broke out sprinting for the door. The human captor saw him and threw a kunai or shuriken at him, clipping him in the ear as he ran out to freedom. Bonnie could still hear the cries of frustration behind him but the rabbit never looked back.

Fun fact: Tastes and Smells like Chicken when cooked.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: 35

Inventory: None

Inventory Ninja Points: 0


Description: You are better able to perform outlandish moves like flips, spins, and rolls without error. Dodging becomes easier as well.
Benefit: Can justifiably perform acrobatic feats listed above.

Animal Affinity
Description: You are closer to animals than you are to people. Wild animals will not attack you unless provoked, and peaceful animals will allow you to approach them. People feel uneasy around you, however.
Benefit: Cannot be attacked by wild animals unless provoked; You do not disturb wildlife.

Animal Speech [Homo Sapiens]
Description: You can speak to a specific species of animal, and it may speak to you. Only one type of species may be communicated with. Keep in mind that this does not make all animals suddenly intelligent-a bird will only be as smart as a bird, so on and so forth, with the exception being pets. This may be taken multiple times to communicate with a wide range of animals.
Benefit: Can speak with one type of animal

Description: There is something about your appearance that draws others toward you. People are more attracted to you than they are to others. Note that your character's description should comply with this as well.
Benefit: Potential romantic partners are more drawn to the user.

Description: You are unlikely to lose your footing, and are more difficult to knock over or trip. Additionally, you are better able to fight on precarious locations.
Benefit: +4 to Agility if fighting while balancing; +4 to Endurance if attempts are made to knock you over.

Internal Compass
Description: You instinctively know which way is North, East, West, and South. You also are instinctively aware of going the wrong direction, even when under an illusion.
Benefit: You know the cardinal directions by instinct, and instinctively know when you're going the wrong way.

Lightning Reflexes
Description: You can dodge more effectively at the very last second, as a result of your reflexes being highly over-trained.
Benefit: +6 to Agility when dodging at the last possible second.

Light Step
Description: As long as you are wearing light materials on your feet, your footfalls are silent. Objects you touch still make noise, such as broken twigs or kicked rocks.
Benefit: Silent movement when wearing D-class material or lower on feet.

Description: Your small size makes agility simply more natural. It is much easier for you to make use of your diminutive frame than the hulking giants around you.
Benefit: +2 to Agility for every 20 lbs below 150 your character weighs. A maximum of 6 Attribute Points may be gained this way.

Spring Loaded
Description: You have trained to be more effective at jumping. This complements the basic jutsu Chouyaku very well.
Benefit: You can jump higher than normal without the aid of jutsu, and jutsu that enhance jumping is more effective.

Trait Ninja Points: 10


Strength: 5
Speed: 10
Agility: 10 (16) Nimble Trait +6
Perception: 10
Endurance: 10
Willpower: 10
Spirituality: 5
Stamina: 10

Attribute Ninja Points: 70

Chakra: 252


Strike Power: 5
Grapple: 0
Strike Speed: 5
Blocking Power: 5
Chakra Manipulation: 5
Shape Transformation: 5
Nature Transformation: 5
Creativity: 5
Focus: 10
Resilience: 10
Immersion: 5
Bladed Weapons: 0
Other Weapons: 0
Ranged Weapons: 0
Chakra Control: 10
Enhanced Sense (Hearing): 10
Enhanced Sense (Smell): 5
Enhanced Sense (Sight): 5
Concentration: 5
Medical Knowledge: 0
Tracking: 5

Skill Ninja Points: 100

Chakra Natures: Water Nature

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0


Jutsu Ninja Points: 0

Special Abilities:

Advanced Abilities:

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 0

Spent Ninja Points: 34
Remaining Ninja Points: 1

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 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 03:09 AM
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Zac. No.

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 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 06:29 PM
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No bunnies allowed? :'(

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 Posted: Nov 29 2017, 03:24 AM
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No joke characters allowed.

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