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Dec 6 2017, 02:51 PM
I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity
-Edgar Allan Poe


[Name:: Vy "The Valiant" Valentine
[Clan:: Tremere
[Age:: 16
[Gender:: Male
[Ninja Status:: Village Ninja
[Rank:: Genin
[Height:: 5 ft. 7 in.
[Weight:: 140 lbs


His last caretaker would try to fix the usually messy brown mass that Vy calls hair although not exactly very long, some of the longer strands fall centimeters above his shoulder and other strands almost cover his face if his goggles didn't already did that, the thick round welding goggles are always on him, hanging from his neck, rested on his head, on his eyes or working like a makeshift eye-patch by covering his right eye, which is also the side of the goggles that has its glass cracked. His eyes well his left one is rich brown, while his right one is clouded in a milky haze, which brings a stark difference between them. Now one could appreciate the rest of the young boys youthful features, if one could get him to remove the old goggles and scarf he's known to wear with frequency he does it more as a fashion scene than anything. Assuming someone managed to get him to take of his scarf, they would find surprisingly mature features, this boy burned away his baby fat a long time ago. A well proportionate nose and strong angles compose his face, his carnassials are elongated giving his bite a little more bang. A scar marks his lip in a straight line that runs down the left side of his lips and continues till it reaches the skin bellow.

His ears which are usually hidden under the combined effort of his goggles and messy hair, his ears are slightly pointed what some people would describe as elf like, both pierced with small dangling earrings .

When it comes to clothing, he dresses for the occasion, his goggles and scarf are usually not too far from him, he's known to wear finger-less gloves and tight shirts, thick pants and boots mainly because he grew up doing many jobs, specially his short stint at the mines and you don't want your clothing to get stuck into anything when you’re at a mine. It docent change the fact that sometimes he will wear something that allows him to show off the fact that he's a lot more mature than kids his age, sure he may not be the tallest kid around, but most kids his age don't have developed muscles. So when he raises his shirt, you won't find baby fat, you will find a set of quite developed abdominal underneath his caramel skin. Underneath his usually tight shirt one can find the scar of the mark that was carved on his shoulder blade in his youth, and when he’s not wearing his gloves, he’s known to have leather straps around his wrist in order to hide the scars caused by the time he was chained as a child, but other than that the young man share a good skin complexion, with his healthy caramel tone.

Personally he really docent care he was born and raised different, maybe because he was not born inside a clan and raised to be proud of his heritage.


Vy gained the nickname valiant not because of strait out bravery, but due to at time being one some would call crazy. He his a man of his word, and will do everything in his power to keep his promises even if it puts him in danger. Always willing to see and try new things in the world and as much as he may appear to be one track minded at time, he is passionate about learning new things, be it history, a new recipe or a new technique.

I'm Vy, and this is my story...


Vy's younger years where not exactly interesting, they where not ordinary, just not interesting. He was born into slavery a disposable toy in the form of a person, he was a kids playmate once to old he got sold and became another mans house slave once injured sold into hard labor all in all his youth revolved around pleasing someone else, fallowing rules and walking the thin line he was allowed or be punished.

Eventually he found himself paying one of his masters debts by working in a mine, here he was number XV, he worked day in and day out, he would have not made it the men running the mines had not made enemies of the wrong people, attracting the attention of shinobi, who made short work of the men.

For the first time in his life the young man was free, having shown promise while assisting the shinobi, he was taken under their wing, where he received for the first time in his life formal education, this opened the flood gates as he continued to be hungry to learn more and more.

Once his skill had grown he was allowed to apply to the academy the transition was hard on the boy, years of fallowing instructions having someone to look up to, someone to lead him, had left him without that spark of initiative, he knew he was hungry to learn more, but without guidance he was wandering aimlessly.

Eventually he made the library his home, his shinobi education falling on the way side as he mastered reading and spent more and more time in the library. Amazing knowledge, experiencing adventures through the printed pages. Until a few events woke him out off his lull, one he was forced to participate in the academy student exams and though he did good in the knowledge part of things he did horrible everywhere else. Shortly after he participated in a tournament, maybe he was not as good as other shinobi in the skill department, but he was stronger... or so he thought. He lasted seconds on the first match.

Having his dreams crushed he went to this shelter, the library, burring himself more into books, it was here that he hit his final wall, he realized that he wanted to be the hero in the book, live the adventure, be the person to discover the new thing that would be preserved in a book forever. Once more he jumped into his training, this time juggling the balance between his two passions.

Around this time was when his librarian finally started to take interest in him, many seek adventure, few are geniuses scouring for every little bit of knowledge, but Vy wanted to seek knowledge something that would bring refreshed knowledge to the chantry. He started with small tasks, favors. As time when by he took the boy under his wing, eventually offering him to be part of something bigger.

Vy did not hesitate to accept the invitation to the Tremere, a chance to be part of something more, to have a home, a family real unity this he wanted more than anything in life. With renewed purpose, training and mission, he completed his training in the academy and became a respected genin that is demonstrating much promise.

Combat Information

[Available Ninja Points:: 70

x2 Kunai

Inventory Ninja Points:


Cross Country Training
Description: Your stamina has been trained to be more effective when you're on the move. You're used to running long distances without rest.
Benefit: Running does not fatigue you

Slip and Slide
Description: You are adept in moving on slick terrain, allowing you to maintain your balance and even move faster.
Benefit: +6 divided as the user chooses among speed and agility when running on snow, ice, wet ground and other slippery surfaces.

Trait Ninja Points: 2


Strength: 20
Speed: 20
Agility: 10
Perception: 14
Endurance: 14
Willpower: 6
Spirituality: 8
Stamina: 8

Attribute Ninja Points: 20

Chakra: 300


Strike Power: 13
Strike Speed: 13
Blocking Power: 14
Chakra Manipulation: 13
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Bladed Weapons: 13
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons: 12
Chakra Control: 13
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Concentration: 13
Medical Knowledge:
Tracking: 13

Skill Ninja Points: 13

Chakra Natures: Katon

Chakra Nature Ninja Points:


Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
Rank: E
Description: The user alters his or her appearance to look like something else. This transformation looks and feels real.
- The transformation cannot be unreasonably different in size to the user. They may, for instance, transform into a puppy or a large piece of furniture such as a bed-however, insects and objects much larger than a bed are not possible. This size limitation varies depending on the user's natural size. This limitation cannot be removed.
- Transforming is only skin deep-the transformation may feel real, but transforming into a metal object does not make you extra durable, nor does changing into a bird let you fly, etc. This limitation cannot be removed.
Weaknesses: Any physical damage done to the user immediately dispels the illusion, as well as any reasonably distracting event. This weakness can only be removed by obtaining the Trait that allows for it.
Cost: 5 Chakra to create the Henge, 1 Chakra to maintain it

Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
Rank: E
Requirements: Nearby debris roughly the size of the user
Description: With this technique, a user replaces their body with an inanimate object the moment an attack lands. This is done to evade an attack at the last second, making the opponent think the attack landed when in fact, it did not.
- This technique has a range limit of 25 feet. This limitation cannot be removed, only expanded.
- The object the user replaced themselves with must be of approximate size to the user. This limitation cannot be removed.
- This technique must be prepared a full post before it is used, and if no occasion comes about to use the technique, the chakra and handseals are wasted.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
Rank: E
Description: This technique allows one to escape from ropes and wires tied to prevent their escape. This is done by using chakra to physically loosen or to sever the ropes. This technique does not require handseals.
Limitations: This technique does not work on heavy restraints or those made of chakra. This limitation cannot be removed.
Cost: 5 Chakra

Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By focusing chakra to one's feet, a ninja can adhere themselves to sheer surfaces, such as trees, walls, cliffs, and can even walk upside down. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain

Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]
Rank: C
Description: By emitting a constant stream of chakra from the user's feet, the user may walk on the surface of water as if it was solid. This technique is usually used through the feet, but may be used from any body part. If this technique is known by a Chuunin or higher shinobi, it does not require concentration. This technique does not require handseals.
Cost: 20 to activate; 5 to maintain

Genjutsu Kai [Mind Technique Release]
Rank: C - S
Description: While holding the Rat seal, the user forcibly halts their chakra flow, then rapidly rushes a greater amount of chakra to their head. This process disperses the chakra causing a Genjutsu to occur, and can break it in such a fashion.
- You must be able to form the Rat handseal, unless you have a means to cast this particular jutsu without handseals.
- You must break every Genjutsu effect on a single genjutsu at once, though if you are affected by multiple Genjutsu, you may choose which Genjutsu to target.
- You do NOT need to break an Aftershock effect.
- You do NOT need to break effects that your Willpower is allowing you to ignore.
- To break a genjutsu of a certain rank with Genjutsu Kai, you must possess the appropriately ranked version of Genjutsu Kai. There is a Genjutsu Kai for ranks C through S. If you possess a Genjutsu of that rank and each rank prior, you may ignore this requirement, so long as you have at least the C-ranked version of Genjutsu Kai. If you do not possess a genjutsu of the appropriate rank, a jutsu slot must be used to obtain the later ranks of Genjutsu Kai. Only the C-ranked Genjutsu Kai is free for non-Genjutsu using characters.
- Even those incapable of learning Ninjutsu or Genjutsu can use Genjutsu Kai.
- Genjutsu Kai may be used on another individual by contact. Other than the required handseal, all rules for Genjutsu Kai must still be followed while using it in this way.
Cost: The cost of the Genjutsu being countered + the cost of any active side-effects + 5 chakra for the base effect and any active side effects

Jutsu Ninja Points:

Special Abilities:

Advanced Abilities:
[AA] 1st Gate - Kaimon, the Gate of Opening [1] [Locked]
[AA] 2nd Gate - Kyuumon, the Gate of Healing [2] [Locked]

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 3

Spent Ninja Points: 38
Remaining Ninja Points: 32
Jul 30 2016, 09:48 AM
Name: Usagi

Rank: D-Rank

Height: 1 ft and 5 in. / 43 cm.

Weight: 3 lbs / 1.36 kg


Usagi is a small anthropomorphic stuffed rabbit that belongs to Kazuma. Standing at one feet and five inches tall the white stuffed rabbit has black tips on its long ears the ears alone taking a good four inches out of it's height, little onyx stones are used for eyes and a fluffy white cotton tail adorns its back. Kazuma has been known to dress him up with different articles of clothing, usually a red vest and goggles. There is a zipper on its back that allows Kazuma to pull to straps allowing him to to carry Usagi like a backpack.

Mechanisms/Special Abilities: N/A

Materials: Cloth, Cotton.

Cost: N/A
Jul 29 2016, 07:46 PM
Name: Taiki Kazuma

Age: 6

Gender: Male

Village: Kourigakure

Clan: Yoshoku

Rank: Academy Student

Height: 3ft 4in / 102 cm

Weight: 60 lbs / 27 kg


Before you stands young Taiki Kazuma, this child is only six winters old and six summers young. The pride of his mother, after nine months of hardship her son was in good physical health, he has grown to be the young boy you see before you.

At the age of six he stands a good three feet four inches he still has some growing to do, to young to know if he's leaning in his mothers side or his father side of the genes when it comes to his height. At his young age his features are very androgynous making it not uncommon for people to think he's a girl.

Kazuma’s dark brown hair frames his face in messy layers its longest at the back barely gracing his shoulders, and on the front it’s slightly shorter, a big fringe practically covers half his face, not that it bothers him, he rarely styles his hair unless his mother catches him and fixes his mess. He has thin and somewhat delicate eyebrows, his eyes are a rusty shade of red, these observant orbs are known to give away great quantities of love and greater quantities of hate, the rest of his facial features just like the rest of his body are soft and delicate, whit a small nose and soft lips that usually are pressed in a mischievous smile. His light caramel skin comes from his fathers genetic code.

When it comes to clothing, Kazuma usually goes simple, nothing to complex, his favorite combination is a red sleeveless shirt than hangs a little below his waistline and shorts. He's been known tough to wear his bunny onesie pajamas.

Personality: If I where to describe Kazuma in one word it would be sheltered. His mother wanted him to have nothing with the world of shinobi, she wanted him to be like his father a traveling merchant or anything else, she spent years pampering the boy and keeping him from the cruelties of the world, and by extension Kazuma is naive, and childish. The young boy has a good heart and great imagination.

For obvious reasons he's not much of a fighter, he has a lot to learn and not a lot of time to learn it in and believe it or not it is possible to make him angry, if one manages to press one of his 'buttons' the boy might go into one of his moments of blind fury, not used to managing his anger and much less controlling it.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Description: The user is skilled in the use of projectiles, being more accurate than most.
Benefit: +5 to Ranged skill
Cost: 1

Control Freak
Description: The user’s natural ability to control chakra is greater than the average.
Benefit: +5 to Chakra Control skill
Cost: 1

Description: You are trained in the usage of puppets in combat via Kugutsu no Jutsu. You also gain a new technique for free.
Benefit: Can use Kugutsu no Jutsu ; May count Chakra no Ito [Chakra Thread] as an Academy Student Basic Ninjutsu.
Cost: 1

Trait Points from Training:
Extra Trait Points:
Trait Points Per Rank: 10
Total Trait Points: 10
Unspent Trait Points: 7


Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Agility: 6
Perception: 8
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 6
Spirituality: 10
Stamina: 7

Attribute Points from Training:
Extra Attribute Points:
Attribute Points Per Rank:
Total Attribute Points: 50
Unspent Attribute Points: 50

Chakra: 200


Strike Power: 3
Strike Speed:3
Blocking Power: 3
Chakra Manipulation: 6
Shape Transformation: 4
Nature Transformation:3
Resilience: 2
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons: 6 [+5]
Chakra Control: 10 [+5]
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Concentration: 10
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Points from Training:
Extra Skill Points:
Skill Points Per Rank: 50
Total Skill Points: 50
Unspent Skill Points: 0

Elements: Suiton


Extra Jutsu Slots:
Jutsu Slots per rank:
Total Jutsu Slots: [D]x2 [C]x1
Empty Jutsu Slots:

Advanced Abilities: 2

Background Our story begins on a moonless night many winters ago, Solana Taiki's mother was a talented chunnin, with a quite a track record under her belt, over the years she made a name for herself due to her precision and speed. Most shinobi never retire, death catches up to them to quickly like a candle burning from both sides, yet it was not a mission gone, or some tragic event, but a ring in the middle of a moonless night.

Kazuma's father Yukito was a merchant and explorer and a man living his dreams of exploring the world, it was till he met the young maiden who ran a flower shop that his priorities shifted, Solana was an interesting lady, a bit of a klutz returning from her trips with scratches and bruises, always interesting to hear her stories about her new customers and the flowers that they requested. There where always little things that felt wrong, but he didn't care. When the time came he took his knee and popped the question, a simple question, one that he would not hear the answer to for a few days, as Solana just walked away.

At his mothers request they found a quiet place far from the big cities and town, far the ever watching eyes of the hidden villages, there she settled as a stay at home mom, hoping that keeping her footprint small would keep her family safe from her past. She raised her son, full of love, encouraged creativity and allowed his imagination to go wild and it worked...

Till... Taiki Kazuma, since the parents could not decide on a name they gave him two, T.K. for short. More often than not his head in the clouds and finding the beauty in the world, he didn't interact with other kids to often so his mother made Usagi his toy rabbit as a friend. The day that would guide young Kazuma to be sent off to meet his grandparents was the day a bully got put it it's place.

It was a normal day till Usagi got kidnapped, he asked nicely, he didn't care about the names or the pushing and shoving, he didn't care that they scrapped his hands, but the moment that seam on Usagi's arm made the faintest noise, the boy's eyes flickered turning into a fiery red, as he went berserk on the bully, he returned with a bleeding nose, more scrapes and bruises than fingers and toes. His eyes shifting into a sad blue as he cried about Usagi's injuries, the bully did not loose, but forfeited the toy before things got out of hand as Kazuma just refused to give up. Kazuma's mom patched him and the toy up, and with great regret drafted a letter to her family... She wanted to protect her son... but it was clear her blood was to tick in his veins, and she would not be able to help him.

Protected Status: No
Jul 24 2016, 04:28 PM
Character Name: Taiki Kazuma

Current Rank Academy Student


Post: 5/ 20
Academy Basics /3
Academy Exam:

Jul 24 2016, 03:10 PM
Hello everyone,

I a few friends pointed me in the direction of this RP site, I've picked up many nicknames over the years but usually circle back to Twilightriku, TR, Ry-chu, among a few others, I have rp on and off since '07 and written here and there for most of my life. Sadly life finally caught up with me and demanded my time and i haven't been able to Rp in a while.

I'm hopping I can start anew and make new friends. It is a privilege to be here I hope that I can build awesome stories with you guys.
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