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Jul 14 2018, 04:34 PM
Name: Second Skin

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu/fuuin

Range: Personal

Element: Mokuton

Requirements: pre-existing set of wooden armor (must be mostly wooden, having some non-wooden components is fine)

Description: Upon donning a set of wooden armor the user can activate this jutsu to absorb it into their skin. In effect the user is sealing the armor away in their skin which is denoted by a seal that forms on their body wherever they choose in the shape of a leaf. There is no maintenance cost for doing so. The user may then unseal the armor directly on themselves at any point in the future by consciously touching that seal. After doing so the armor is treated as acting almost like a second skin and allows for a greater degree of flexibility on the users part as if unhindered by their equipment. However, this only lasts for as long as the user pays the maintenance cost. If they choose not to or fail to do so then the benefit is gone until they once again reseal and then unseal the armor.

Weaknesses: If the armor is damaged in any way and it is put away, the damage remains on the armor the next time it is brought out unless it is repaired. This cannot be removed.

Drawbacks: If the user stops maintaining this jutsu the suffer the usual drawbacks of wearing their armor unless they have the appropriate traits. This cannot be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 40 to activate, 5 to maintain
Jul 14 2018, 04:13 PM
Name: Awaken the Ancestors

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: same as range for jutsu creating vessel(s)

Requirements: Shinigami, a suitable vessel/suitable vessels, captured soul(s)

Description: Upon creation of a suitable vessel the user may choose to temporarily infuse it with a soul. Any jutsu that creates a 'body' counts that body as a suitable vessel, as long as the jutsu is maintainable. Doing so has several consequences. The soul being used is no longer available for other Shinigami techniques or base effects for 24 hours following the end of its infusion with a vessel. It will return to the user immediately when the technique concludes, but it lacks any "value" until after that time period is over. The soul is not fully aware of its surroundings, not in a true sense. It believes the user is its commander and it is a soldier in a great conflict, and it experiences the situation through this haze. The vessel is capable of receiving commands from the user mentally, and providing information in a similar fashion. If the vessel has the capability it may also communicate verbally.

Once the soul is within its vessel there are a number of benefits. First the vessel in capable of performing any techniques the soul was capable of, provided that the vessel meets any prerequisites. Most bloodline abilities would naturally be unavailable unless the vessel has access to them. Any traits, skills or other abilites are treated the same; if it makes sense for the vessel to be capable of having the trait then it does. The vessel is only capable of accessing as much chakra as it has 'value' as a soul. This may be more or less chakra than it had when it was truly alive, which can present problems in some souls. Additionally the maintenance for the vessel is taken over by the soul which exacerbates the issue. The user may provide the vessel with 'backup' souls which can essentially be used as fuel for the primary soul should it run low on chakra.

Regardless of the ability of the soul in life, it uses the ability of the vessel to determine how well it performs its techniques.

Limitations: Various, see description. Cannot to be removed.

Weaknesses: Damage that would be sufficient to destroy the vessel return the spirit to the user without exception. The spirit cannot operate without a vessel. This cannot be removed.

Drawbacks: Various, see description. Cannot to be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: One quarter the 'value' of the soul being infused. [value of souls is total np*5]
Jul 14 2018, 03:47 PM
Name: Genesis Wave

Rank: S

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: See description, Variable but quite large

Element: Mokuton

Requirements: Mokuryuu no Jutsu [Wood Dragon Technique], Mokujin no Jutsu [Wood Person Technique], Jukai Koutan [Nativity of a World of Trees], Chakra Absorption (Optional Effect)

Description: At any point after performing Jukai Koutan to set the battlefield the user must perform another very short set of handseals. Upon completion they must point their palm(s) at their intended target(s) and a wooden dragon will come out of their palm(s) to attack in that direction. This dragon is much larger than its predecessor and is largely superior in every way, outclassing even the Mokujin no Jutsu in terms of ability. Unlike the original Wood Dragon Technique the dragon created by this jutsu is only temporary and is designed for a single indiscriminately pulverizing attack. The dragon(s) may continue on in a given direction for however far the user has 'worked the ground' so to speak with Jukai Koutan. It is capable of maneuvering from side to side with considerable agility, but must keep going away from the user until the user is done with it.

If the user also is capable of absorbing chakra, this dragon can do so against anything the dragon is capable of biting. The absorption is this dragon is capable of is notable for being able to negate the absorption effects of things it absorbs chakra from just like it's predecessor. Moreover it is especially powerful against akuma, and is able to bypass the natural properties of their chakra that would otherwise make absorbing less efficient.

As the dragon of the Genesis Wave moves forward the user is capable of creating wooden golems in its wake. These constructs are slightly smaller and weaker than the original Wood Dragon in terms of raw mass and power, but with sufficient chakra can be created in very large numbers. They are humanoid in shape and can be created with whatever wooden tools, weapons or armor the user deems fit. The details on the golems are exceptional, with the user capable of giving them a striking resemblance to anyone they are familiar with. If the user ceases maintenance for this jutsu the golems go inert, but subsequent reactivation of Genesis Wave render the golems operable once more barring significant damage done to them.

Limitations: The user may perform the Genesis wave without first performing Jukai Koutan, however doing so has several drawbacks. First the number of handseals increases to a normal amount for a jutsu of this rank. Secondly the user may not make use of the wooden golems. This second limitation may not be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 200 (per arm) plus 40 more per construct created this way, 10 per construct for maintenance; Can absorb 100 chakra per jutsu it collides with and from akuma or Jinchuuriki it collides with.
Jul 12 2018, 11:27 AM
Name: Essence Reaver

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Requirements: Shinigami

Description: By utilizing this technique, the user is able to affect the essence of beings that would otherwise be outside the scope of what Shinigami can affect. This is primarily useful against akuma. Used in this fashion temporarily prevents the resurrection of the akuma in question while it is being detained by Shinigami, and permanently if the essence is consumed. All other rules and restrictions of Shinigami are unaffected. The user may choose to utilize this ability "safely" or to draw the maximum potential from their target. See drawback for more details.

Drawbacks: If this technique is used safely then the normal values are used for the benefit of reaping with Shinigami. Otherwise the user is able to extract triple the usual chakra from an akuma. However doing so subjects the user to all of the drawbacks of a jinchuriki up to the rank of the akuma in question, with none of the benefits. As the final stages of jinchuriki are purely beneficial they do not factor into this equation. This drawback lasts until the user is incapacitated or they run out of the chakra gained from akuma in this fashion.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: as per Shinigami
Jun 15 2018, 04:19 AM
Name: Secret Tactics: Dance of the One Thousand [Onmitsukidō: Sen no Mai]

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Nin-taijutsu

Requirements: FTG, Warpstrike

Description: Moving to their opponent in a fashion that satisfies the conditions for Warpstrike, the practitioner launches an attack at a speed 40 points higher than the user would normally be capable of with the bonuses from Warpstrike being applied on top of this. The user then repeats this sequence for as many opponents as they wish that are within range. Each attack is done in such rapid succession that the user leaves behind a trail of afterimages at the location of every sequence, with each attack happening almost simultaneously.

Limitations: The user may attack each opponent only once.

Weaknesses: Interrupting the user early on in their series of attack in such a way that prevents them from continuing on disrupts every following attack and prevents them from occurring, this may not be removed.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: Cost of Space Time technique + 25 per sequence
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