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Jan 5 2018, 05:25 PM
Dec 15 2017, 07:53 AM
What was the point to this, Itami didn't understand the set rules of the mission he was given. He was told to take care of these bandits but he'd get more if he resolved it peacefully? That was maddening and he didn't even know how to deal with such people in such a way because being so set in their ways meant they weren't about to have a change of heart.

Come on there has to be a good reason, Mrs. Aino knows us better than this.

If you wanna figure out the point to mom's madness be my guest.

Come on Itami...Panzer...give her the benefit of the doubt, don't we all owe her that much? Maybe they're all so weak that force won't be necessary...or maybe they haven't committed any real solid crimes, there is still a chance to pull out. What do you say?

Why do you think we're here!

This was going to be a mistake he just knew it, if his experience taught him anything it was that these things, in this day and age, never work out. They continued on the road with their current plan; walk in their direction, find camp or let them find us, see what this shits about, kill them when it goes south.
Oct 23 2017, 05:19 PM
The mission report was rather simple and easy, stumbling upon the man was by accident sure but still he was already on his way. This just made things simpler. Itami, in her large cloak, ran into the man while scouting around as he usually does, as his people usually do, and was told about the trouble at the expedition site. Itami accepted the mission but told the man to hurry back to safety and make an official request with the village just in case things went horrible or he wasn't breaking any regulations. They were just a pain.

That was a good ten minutes ago and now Itami, with Fang walking beside him and Panzer riding Fang like a horse, headed towards the site. It was a rather quiet walk for the most part but still he preferred it that way but there was one small hitch in his peaceful walk before a mission. He slightly turned his head, just barely looking from within his hood, while Panzer and Fang both fully turned their heads to look at the two people following not too far behind. Apparently they picked up two others from the village but what they were doing out here was beyond them nor did it matter. Everyone has their reasons for leaving the safety of a village just their own was rather simple.

Turning heads forward Itami simply looked down to his two friends and the look on her face said it all, how to break the ice. Panzer could only shrug while Fang simply gave a confused face, probably because they couldn't help any. Itami was never good at being a people person, most to afraid of his kind, but they had a few minutes before they would arrive at the mission site so now might be their only chance to get to know each other. But he wasn't what anyone would call friendly nor good in a crowd or any number of people for that matter. He'd try and think of a way to break the ice otherwise things would get tense, for now though he'd keep to himself within his cloak, its unclear whether or not they know about him or his people.

Huh...Rex was always the one to talk with his face rather than his brain, for once that's not such a bad thing. Maybe next time I won't call him an idiot for being so outgoing.
Oct 13 2017, 07:52 AM
Training, a very sensitive subject for many people, so much so most tend to train in private. Though he looked different than people, Itami had similarities too. He choose a nice quiet spot, on an old training field most didnt use and therefore didn't look in the best condition but it was also outside the walls. Brave choice indeed but he didn't care for he had plans for his future but first he needed a technique. One of unparalleled ability that ultimately used the skills of its user over impressive powers. With Fang and Pander close by, sleeping under a nearby tree, Itami prepared for the training of stage one...his technique required an already existing one first.

Hiraishin no Jutsu

First of course he had to study the understanding of Fuuinjutsu, and thanks to the scrolls he borrowed it was possible. Studying wasn't his strong point in fact it pissed him off but the formulas were far worse and only increased his rage with a headache of unbelievable levels. The varying calculations were the most difficult to understand and even the chakra manipulation wasn't anything easy to grasp. The skills it required were above and beyond normal but he had to learn this in order to get to his true goal, the two were similar enough to be the same. But what he wanted was to understand it inside and out so he could change it. Reversing it.
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