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Uchiha Lapis


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Feb 1 2018, 04:48 AM
After learning the boring basics from that old man Lapis found himself looking into something more on his goals that was his guilty pleasure. Rather an addiction to be honest. Lapis found his way from the Uchiha compound after the long lesson to the ninja academy for it held a library on the grounds. Why he wanted to visit the library was his own reason but revisiting the academy was still a bit irritating to be honest. It had the aroma of boredom and life sucking. Gripped in his hand, he held tight his treasure that was the center of his purpose here, not sticking it anywhere but in his secure grip.

"Greetings young, man how may I help you today."

The librarian was just an average aged woman you'd see anywhere, she wasn't one of those shriveled up old ladies, probably out to lunch. He asked her for directions to the specified area of interest and after giving him a strange look of like she was contemplating telling him or not she smiled. She gave him directions and asked if he needed more help but he only stared back with his double Sharingan which gave her a clear answer. He left her in the designated direction and scanned the shelf for all his targets.

There is more here than I originally thought...how helpful. Let me start with what I do not know like reported sightings and specific encountered variants.

He grabbed a couple of books off the shelf, looking carefully at the titles; Akuma hordes, Frequent Akuma Assaults, Classification Akuma Variants, and Akuma Behaviorial Patterns. He knew quite a lot about them but no harm in expanding and reviewing more info, good chance if updates.
Feb 1 2018, 04:09 AM
At the request of his adoptive father, Lapis was called in for a lesson to better improve his ability but he knew better, just another chaperone was all. Lapis met the man who was to teach him to better use his basics and though it was pointless it was still a capable leader for a lesson. It was in a classroom where the man sat the boy down to learn the first lesson of Genjutsu Kai, the board was covered in information. He quickly scanned the board with his Sharingan as he never turned it off in the face of other people, the instructor however didn't seem to like him using it.

He was an old man wielding a teaching stick, not a ruler. He pointed to each point on the board, each one he was quite familiar with as he already knew the technique and its concepts but just sat there. He was less so listening to the lesson and more so reading the board for it had more to give than the old man. Even though he had all the information he needed. Lapis just went through the motions as the old man droned on like a pompous was.

To kill some time he started molding his chakra, sort of a way to practice what he needed to learn by this man's direction. The sooner this ended the better. He never saw Genjutsu as a threat as he was an Uchiha, a clan that possessed the unparalleled Sharingan, such tricks couldn't harm him. There was no power stronger than the Sharingan in his eyes and one day he'd prove that to be the truth. If nothing else he'd possess the most keen and powerful Sharingan in the world to one day make all opposition insignificant...especially Genjutsu. But until then he had to learn what he needed.
Jan 9 2018, 01:56 AM
OOC: New Genin and Students allowed; let's create a class plot

IC: How dull, what boredom, there is...nothing here for me...is there...

A young child wandered through the village of heavy light, the village of desolation, a desert. Lapis cared for nothing around him for nothing made him feel anything. He watched people pass him by and barely took notice of them, they did nothing but walk and waste the day away. They were just waiting for their deaths...he could "help" them along.

He took notice of the shadows that moved, the eyes that watch him, Lapis hardly ever deactivated his Sharingan. It made it easy to watch "that" man's people follow him everywhere. He figured he could just do it all right here and be done with it but something caught his attention. His focus was brought to a family having an outing and though he'd normally ignore such trifles something was different.

"Mommy, Daddy, can I have some candy?"

"Have you been a good boy?"


"You heard him dear, let's go."

The young boy watched as a child and his parents frivolously wasted their life, together, it was so natural. It made Lapis think back to his parents who he left behind to settle their sad squabbling, completely absent-minded as he stood there lost in thought. What were those two doing as of this very moment in time.

"What's the point..."
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