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> Zerzura "The Oasis of Little Birds"
Uchiha, Ninigi
 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 05:28 PM
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Yup, that's my cue. Ninigi would see the bird and would quickly decide that it was a messenger. He had limited experience with flying creatures so far and it hadn't been rosy. He got off from the hammock and got his things together. "Yeah I'll ride with you." The boy could sure do with the free ride home. He didn't have much lying around but would go and check the tavern just to make sure he hadn't dropped anything during training yesterday. He would check the locations where he had rested and would quickly hop out the tavern once he had established that he had forgotten nothing.

Once it was time to go he would embark on the journey with Genji who may or may not have had her bath. But it didn't matter, Ninigi wasn't one to judge people even if he didn't appreciate their unrelenting natural fragnance.


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