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> Kuchiyose Pact Template
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 Posted: Mar 8 2016, 01:50 PM
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Summoning Guide

Pact Name: Name your pact. It should be representative of all the members of the pact somehow.

Species: What species are included in your pact? Similar species may be in one pact, as well as dissimilar species that are connected thematically in some way.

Members: List the summonable members of this pact. New members will be added as they are created.

Summoners: Provide a link to all RPCs who can summon members of this pact. Not every RPC will be able to summon every member of the pact; they must have the jutsu on their profile to summon a particular member.

Special Abilities: Describe any abilities that apply to all members of the pact. Unusual things the real-world species is capable of, such as a skunk's spray, things the species is not capable of usually, such as a fish breathing out of water, or handseal alternatives should be included here.

Notes: Add in any additional notes we should know about the pact. Things such as justification for mythical creatures would be included here. This section is optional.

[b]Pact Name:[/b]




[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

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