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> Mission/Crime Template
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 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 01:14 PM
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Name: The name of the mission or crime.

Rank: The difficulty class of the mission. For the most part, a three man team of average ninja corresponding to the rank will be able to successfully accomplish the mission. This also dictates the reward for accomplishing your mission. Rewards are split amongst the participants. Individual participants can forfeit their pay if they so choose-the rewards will be split amongst the other participants. Only those who participate in the mission to completion are paid.

Please reference the Mission and Crime Guide For More Information

Details: Describe the mission-the circumstances of it, why its necessary, and what is necessary to consider the mission a success.

Objectives: Simply enough, list the objectives of the mission.

NPCs: List any NPCs that you want included in the mission. This list is NOT exhaustive; the NPCer may add NPCs to this list as they see fit.

RPCs: List any RPCs that will be participating in this mission. This list IS exhaustive; if they're not listed here, they are not allowed to join.






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