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> NPCing Rules and Rewards
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 Posted: Jun 10 2016, 09:57 AM
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NPCing Rules and Rewards

NPCing is the action of controlling all non-player characters in an RP scenario, especially missions, crimes and events. Outside of those, normal users can typically use NPCs to fill out non-combat roles in their own personal stories (Family, friends, significant others, etc.) In missions, crimes and events, however, NPCs may be capable of combat.

NPCing Missions and Crimes

The rank of a mission or crime determines who may and may not NPC it:

B rank and lower missions and crimes may be NPC’d by anyone. Yes, you can even npc them for yourself. However, bare in mind that a staff member will review the mission regardless who npcs it and determine if it was sufficiently difficult and/or sufficient effort was put into completing it.

A Rank and above missions and crimes may only be NPC’d by staff members. This is to ensure that they are of sufficient difficulty and up to forum standards.

Events likewise, can only be NPC’d by staff members or by members given EXPLICIT permission to do so by the staff as a whole. This is to make sure that the events follow the forum’s intended storyline.

NPCing Rewards

If you NPC a mission or crime, you may be eligible for a Ryu reward in addition to the ryu you received for your actual posts. This is 100 Ryu per NPC post OR half the reward the highest paid RPer received for the same mission/crime, whichever is higher. Rewards can only be claimed on missions/crimes that have been RP’d to completion, or have been completely abandoned by their RPers (More than 30 days without activity). You CANNOT claim an NPC reward for a mission of your own that you NPC'd for yourself, whether it was solo or with multiple people.

To claim a reward, post a new thread in the mission and crime area using the template below. Your thread should be titled in the format “[NPC reward] User name (Mission/Crime Name)” Example: [NPC Reward] Jademoon (Bonfire of the Vanities)

Mission/Crime Thread: Please provide a link to the actual mission or crime profile (Not the RP thread)

Number of NPC posts: How many NPC posts did you perform?

Total Reward: This is either 100 Ryu per NPC post, or half the highest reward RPers received, whichever is higher.

[b]Mission/Crime Thread:[/b]

[b]Number of NPC posts:[/b]

[b]Total Reward:[/b]
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