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 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 05:08 PM
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All answered questions will be documented here. They may sometimes be reworded, but all answers will be listed here, regardless. Please check this thread before asking a question-your question may have already been answered.

Q - Are bloodlines restricted to certain villages?
A - Canon bloodlines are restricted to the village their clan resides in. There may be very few exceptions, but these require a great deal of justification. User-made bloodlines are as restricted as the maker wants them to be.

Q - Is there a cap on Trait Points?
A - No. Trait Points are unlimited in cap, and may be purchased from the Ninja Shop.

Q - What does Stamina do?
A - Stamina determines how long you can continue fighting. Having low levels of stamina means you'd get tired after a few minutes of fighting; high stamina would let you keep fighting for hours, even days.

Q - Is it possible to have perfect attributes?
A - Yes, it is possible. It is also very expensive, and unlikely to ever happen. Be my guest to try it though.

Q - Can traits break the Attribute Cap per rank?
A - Yes, they can. Jutsu can also break the Attribute Cap.

Q - Do Attributes gained from Traits affect your chakra total?
A - Yes, but only if the Attributes in question are permanent. If you need to do something or act a certain way to get the boost, it doesn't add to your Chakra.

Q - Is there a cap on how much extra chakra we can buy?
A - Yes. You can buy up to your rank's maximum chakra level. For example, a Legendary Ninja could potentially have 1600 Chakra. You can buy up to 1600 Chakra Points, for a possible total of 3200 Chakra, before Traits.

Q - Can Academy Students use Advanced Abilities?
A - Yes, so long as they meet the requirements for that Advanced Ability, and have enough Advanced Ability Points to purchase the ability.

Q - Do chakra reductions have an effect on jutsu that can't be split evenly by the reduction? What way does a split on an decimal round?
A - Chakra Reductions always have an effect. If the jutsu doesn't cost enough to be split correctly, the reduction always takes 1 point off the cost. The only exception to this is if that would bring the cost below 1. In all other cases, round the number down; if a reduction brings the cost of a jutsu to 32.5, the cost of the jutsu should be considered 32. The exception is on jutsu where chakra is split evenly, like Clone techniques.

Q - For the Melee Weapon traits, does "Unarmed" count as a melee weapon?
A - No, but weapons wielded in your hand, such as iron knuckles, do count.

Q - What does it mean for a mixed element to be equal to its weakness?
A - All other things being equal about a pair of jutsu, to include rank, size, shape, and skill levels of their respective users, a mixed element jutsu is considered more powerful than a standard elemental jutsu. If a mixed element jutsu is used against its weakness, that advantage disappears, and the two jutsu are considered equal. This advantage becomes more apparent the more elements are required to make the jutsu.

Q - Are all jutsu ranks equal in power?
A - No. The power of jutsu vary within their ranks-a C-rank Fuuton jutsu might not be as powerful as the C-rank Fuuton jutsu just after it on the global list. Power depends on several factors, to include element, shape, speed, chakra cost, skill of the user, and yes, to some extent, rank. However, the phrase "As powerful as a C-ranked Jutsu" holds no useful meaning.

Q - If two jutsu are made from different elements but serve the same purpose, will one be better because of its element?
A - Potentially yes, but that is not always the case. For example, if a Fuuton technique cuts, and a Katon technique is created that also cuts, the two may very well both be capable of cutting equally well, due to chakra costs, extra requirements, or other factors that may justify such a technique existing as it does. An important thing to remember is that this forum is based on an anime-as such, while real world logic is very important, anime world logic has its place as well. Please consider both when comparing similar jutsu.

Q - Can I have more than one bloodline, can I be born with more than one bloodline, and does that cost extra?
A - Yes, yes, and no. A character's background must provide a good reason for why the user would have both bloodlines, and 99% of the time, you'd only be able to mix bloodlines that are normally found in your village. Bloodlines you're born with only cost the amount it dictates in the normal cost section on the bloodline. Bloodlines you acquire afterwards require both the Transplant Cost and the original cost of the bloodline.

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