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> Sage Mode Template
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 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 05:58 PM
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Sage Mode

Sage Mode Name: "Summoning Species" Sage - If you summon bats, for instance, it would be "Bat Sage". Note that it only needs to be related; if you summon Wolves, you can still be a Dog Sage, but not a Lion Sage.

Sage Mode Species: This must be at least related to the species you summon. A Wolf summoner could be a Dog Sage...but not a Lion Sage.

Imperfect Form: Describe your Imperfect Sage Mode. The Imperfect Sage Mode typically looks very animalistic, though is still distinctly human. One enters Imperfect Sage Mode when either they do not meet all of the requirements for Perfect Sage mode at the moment, or when they are interrupted while gathering Natural Energy.

Perfect Form: Describe your Perfect Sage Mode. Perfect Sage Mode usually looks very human, with very minor aesthetic changes-the eyes may change, the hair may get longer, etc. Perfect Sage Mode is the desired end goal for all attempts at gathering Natural Energy, and assumes nothing went wrong.

[b]Sage Mode Name:[/b]

[b]Sage Mode Species:[/b]

[b]Imperfect Form:[/b]

[b]Perfect Form:[/b]
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