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> Insect Template
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 Posted: Oct 31 2014, 07:32 PM
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You may be surprised to consider insects a form of jutsu-but generating them in large numbers costs the user chakra, just as generating fire or water. Unlike most jutsu, however, insects can be used in a relatively free manner. Regardless, please use the below template when applying for insects. You may reference the Insect Guide for additional information.

Name: Name your insect species. This can be a real species or something you make up.

Rank: The rank of your insects determines how powerful they may be and the jutsu slot they'll need. Ranks can vary from D to S.

Size: We don't need to know weight-they're bugs, after all. But, let us know how long or wide they are, whichever is more applicable.

Description: Tell us what your insect looks like-they don't have to be incredibly distinct, but we should at least be able to picture them.

Special Abilities: Tell us what your insects do. The more powerful their abilities, the higher their rank and cost will be, so be mindful of that.

Cost: Enter what you believe is a fair cost. A mod will work with you on the final chakra cost. When producing bugs en masse, this cost will be how much chakra you use, and will be listed as a cost per a specified amount of insects, such as 100/100, for example. Additionally, a cost will be made for controlling a swarm of these insects. It will be listed as a cost per the same amount of specified insects, but is usually around a quarter of the cost of producing the same number of insects, so, 25/100 with the previous example. The exact cost, however, may vary, and doesn't HAVE to stick to the quarter-cost rule. When using an Insect Jutsu, however, be mindful of the fact that you will have to both pay for the jutsu and for the control of the swarm.

Amount: How many insects do you have of this variety on your person normally? This is FAR less than you'd need for most insect jutsu, and typically does not reach three digits. Obviously, the larger your insects, the less you may carry.





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