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> Puppet Template
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 Posted: Nov 1 2014, 12:30 PM
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Puppetry is among the rarer forms of ninja combat. It involves attaching thin strings made of chakra to a puppet constructed of various materials. These puppets can then be controlled, allowing the user to attack from a distance or from stealth. Please reference the Puppetry Guide for additional information.

Name: Self-explanatory. Name your puppet.

Rank: What rank is your puppet? Higher ranked puppets may be more powerful.

Height: Self-explanatory. Please use both the metric and imperial systems.

Length: Self-explanatory. Please use both the metric and imperial systems. Only include Length if it's particularly applicable to your puppet-a human shaped puppet does not need this section, as an example.

Weight: Self-explanatory. Please use both the metric and imperial systems.

Description: Please describe your puppet's physical appearance. Be as detailed as possible; we should know what your puppet looks like without a picture, though a picture would be nice.

Attributes: List your puppet's Attributes. Only Strength, Speed, and Agility apply to puppets, and in each case, the value is determined by the user's stats.

Strength: (Equal to the user's Willpower)
Speed: (Equal to the user's Spirituality)
Agility: (Equal to the user's Perception)

Mechanisms/Special Abilities: Please list any and all weapon systems or chakra-based abilities. Senbon launchers, flamethrowers, and chakra shields are all examples of these types of mechanisms-basically, list anything your puppet can do that isn't just movement. If your puppet has weapons as well, such as a sword, please list those as well.

Materials: Please include the materials your puppet is made out of. Be detailed here-tell us about the metal bits, the wooden bits, and the other bits, and when you do so, tell us what kind of metal, wood, etc. that piece is made of. This helps us determine how powerful your puppet is-a puppet made out of rotted wood probably won't take as much abuse as one made of solid steel, for instance. For more information on materials, please see the Material and Encumbrance guide, located here.

Cost: Enter what you believe to be a fair chakra cost. A moderator will work with you to determine the final costs of your puppet's abilities. Only chakra based abilities require a cost-these costs apply in addition to any puppetry jutsu you're using as well. Because only chakra-based abilities require a chakra cost, it is possible to have a puppet that does not have any chakra costs associated with it at all.









[b]Mechanisms/Special Abilities:[/b]


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