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> [Clan]Okinawa clan
 Posted: Jan 24 2018, 01:07 PM
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Name: Okinawa Clan

Leader: Taru Okinawa is a short built man of his early fifties. Dirty grey hair, skin of a darker bronze, and brilliant green eyes, body adorned with tribal tattoos mostly those that have to do with the oasis in one way or another. He wears clothes traditional to that of his clan loose fitting island wear, and with him at all times a quarter staff.

Fighting Style: The Okinawa are Suiton Ninjutsu users, and use Doton mostly for the sake of being able to make their coral release. They use Suiton to attack from a distance, but are not opposed to an close quarter battle.

Description: The Okinawa clan are a spiritually tuned clan, calm minded by nature, but when influenced by other forces they will strike to protect that which they hold dear much like the ocean when influenced by the moon or wind. They work to preserve life, as their own chakra natures allow them to create life through coral, so they see it as precious.

Special Ability: When Okinawa clan members possess both Suiton, and Doton they are capable of possessing an alternative advanced element Sangoton [Coral Release] instead of Mokuton. Members of this clan start with Suiton or Doton, and may gain the other for free as a secondary primary element, but must pay for any other element gained normally.

Clan/Organization Jutsu:
Seabed Trap
Seafloor Fist
Patch Reef
Bubble Coral
Aquatic Forest

Background:The Okinawa come from what used to be the land of shroud back in the days of Old Seichi, however after the second invasion occurred their lifestyle changed. They jumped ship, quite literally. They jumped on their ships and began to roam the seas. For near two decades they wondered the seas, becoming pirates and outlaws, not out of evil hearts but out of the will to survive. They were not sparred the wrath of the Akuma anymore than anyone else, worth anything they caught it worse.

The seas held no natural sheltor for them, all they had to rely on was their clans unique jutsu and their will to live. Through it all however they never lost hope, and they remained calm, their freedom was their passion. However eventually they came back upon the shores settling upon Shimagakure, becoming the line of defense against ocean dwelling Akuma. Helping to make Shimagakure as safe as it stands today.

Some went back to the seas to keep their freedom not wanting to become apart of an established government, making piracy not an uncommon route of their clan, while others remained merchant sailers and fishermen to make the overall clans wealth grow. In the era of the Second Asakage however a pact was made to add a different trade to the clans lifestyle. They would send young who chose to do so to the academy to become ninja. For a generation now they have worked as such adding to the lands overall military to strengthen it against Akuma.

Since there is not enough water in Akarigakure for their islander life style of comfort, their clan grounds are still based in Shimagakure. The Okinawa have continued to serve proudly, in trade, or battle. Be weary however of those that chose freedom as calm as they are, can be as ferocious as the sea.

 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 01:52 AM
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