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> [B-Rank Mission] The Infiltration of Hizou Fort
 Posted: Jan 25 2018, 04:14 AM
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Name: The Infiltration of Hizou Fort

Rank: B

Details: The last few months, an extraordinarily well organized group of bandits has been attacking the trade routes established by Akarigakure. They have thus far been limiting themselves to only attacking caravans not guarded by shinobi, but recent attacks have become more bold, and the village has decided to nip this issue in the bud before it becomes more serious. They have learned that the group is led by a former Akarigakure ninja turned warlord, and that they are based out of an old abandoned fort near the border of what were the Sun and Silence countries. The mission assigned the newly reunited Team Kazue is to infiltrate the fort and extract this warlord, an expert swordsman by the name of Matsui, Musashi

- Successfully infiltrate Hizou Fort
- Capture Musashi Matsui alive
- Cause as much damage to this organization as possible

An irresponsible amount of C-ranked Ninja and Civilian level thugs
High level B-ranked Rogue Matsui, Musashi; emphasis on swordsmanship

- Uchiha, Zau
- Uchiha, Jash
- Hyuuga, Vivian

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 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 06:06 PM
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Link to Mission Thread

Off you go overpowered heroes.

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