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> Rasenkame
 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 05:26 PM
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Name: Rasenkame [Spinning Turtle]

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Taijutsu

Requirements: Hokuto no Yaban

Description: This jutsu functions almost identically to Hakkeshou Kaiten and can be substituted for any prerequisites that require that jutsu. It provides the same omnidirectional defense through spinning and expelling chakra from the users Tenketsu. The main difference is that the form the chakra takes resembles that of a spinning turtle shell.

Weaknesses: This technique cannot be used if the user cannot begin a rotation. Additionally, it can be stopped by forcing the user to cease his rotation.

Creator: Vivian Hyuuga

Cost: 85 to activate, 20 to maintain

The Den

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Vivian Hyuuga-Senju

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 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 11:44 PM
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