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> [Ninjutsu] Dissolution
 Posted: Mar 25 2018, 06:29 AM
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Gopher Tuna

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Name: Dissolution

Rank: B

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Personal

Element: Koton

Description: After channelling chakra into their hand, the user is capable of manipulating the atomic structure of a metallic object that interacts with the user's hand. The chakra disrupts the atoms within the object and severely weakens them chemically, similar to rusting. The object then either turns black and breaks away in pieces, melts, or shatters on impact depending on the amount of chakra injected and the size of the object in question. It is best to use this technique with some armour, as attacking weapons can still deal damage.

Limitations: The object cannot be any larger than a full-plated suit of armour. This limitation cannot be removed - as in, no taking down bridges.

Creator: Kodogu Zaijorou

Cost: 65


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Kodogu Zaijorou
 Posted: Mar 25 2018, 01:45 PM
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Red-Ice Froot Loli

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Resonance without the weapon requirement and a higher cost to compensate. Seems legit.


Vivian Hyuuga
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Yuzuru Kodogu
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