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> [Chuunin] Kodogu Zaijorou
 Posted: Mar 25 2018, 03:52 PM
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Biographical Information

Kodogu Zaijorou




Ninja Status:
Village Nin

Chuunin [ B ]

5 foot, 9 inches [175.2 cm]

151 pounds [68.49 kg]

user posted image

Zaijorou is most definitely the product of his parents - Zei and Kana Kodogu. His hair is a dark chestnut, his cheekbones high and chiseled, while his face itself is slender with sharp angles; all of which is akin to his father's. Soft, almost empty, eyes of placid blue peek out from under the fringe of sloppily cut hair, an expression very distant and somewhat uninterested usually adorns the flawless complexion of his face; traits most certainly inheritated from his mother. His flesh resembles a pasty porcelain, as if his skin hadn't seen much sunlight, but toned and tightened from physical training. His body is lean yet muscular, supple yet hardened, and he carries himself with a cleverly disguised slouch in his shoulders.

Zaijorou is a pleasant enough person. He's not overly zealous or nutters like his parents - quite the opposite, actually. A logical, well-thought out man, Zaijorou doesn't get tightly wound or fly off the handle about much of anything but like most people, there are things that ruffle his feathers, making him act more like his parents. Of course, it isn't often that such occurances take place, but when they do, he's very hard to calm down and tends to be a bit destructive. He likes a lot of things, especially nature and all her inhabitants, and takes care to show respect when he's in natural environments. Zaijorou is a kind soul, a very respectful man, yet he sees the world in black and white, of things that are right and wrong, and takes his status in the village very seriously. While his loyalty lies primarily with his family, the village is a close second, if not entirely on equal grounds. As a Kodogu, he constantly finds himself tinkering with random mechanical contraptions that seem to never be finished since he absent-mindedly forgets about them and begins a new project when something sparks his imagination. As his mother's son, he obsesses over books, reading random titles about even more random subjects and like his mother, he always finishes them unlike his other hobbies which includes, but isn't limited to in-poor-taste jokes.

Do Not Click

[Interview with the Vampire]

"State your name, age, and village for the record."

"Kodogu Zaijorou, seventeen, and Akiragakure."

"Alright, let's start with your childhood."

"What about it? I mean, what's it you want to know? Like, was I abused as a child? Or maybe you want to know about some weird uncle I had? I need to know what you're getting at here..."

"Just start at the beginning. Tell me about your parents."

"Well, my father is a business man and the Head of my Clan, the Kodogu. That's about all I can tell you, honestly. Never had much interaction with him but I do remember him showing up to my fifth birthday party, patting my head, and telling me that I was doing a good job as if I were one of the peons that worked for him. Mother didn't seem too happy about it but I was just thrilled that he showed up for the first, and last, time for a special occasion. My mother did most of my raising. You know, teaching me about what it meant to be a man and all that good stuff. Needless to say, she wasn't exactly the person that necessarily needed to be teaching me those things but father was busy and couldn't take time to show me much of anything."

"You seem bitter about that, your father's neglect."

"I guess I'm a bit bitter but it wasn't all bad. I didn't really know what I was missing since I never really had it to begin with. Of course, I knew he cared about me and loved my mother incredibly. Knowing her, she would have left him a long time ago had he of not shown some kind of affection towards her and me, even if it was brief. My mother was my rock when I was growing up. She was my only family, despite being surrounded by people that were familial either by blood or Clan - I mean, I was never alone. I had friends, I had cousins and whatever, I didn't have siblings for whatever reason, probably because father was too busy to do the thing and give me a sister or brother. Then again, during my early years, it was probably for the best."

"Do continue..."

"Okay, so I wasn't exactly the epitome of a "perfect" child but I wasn't exactly a hellion. Alright, I might have been a pretty horrible child. When I was manifesting my abilities, I thought it would be a good idea to mess with my mother on a daily basis until one day, she made sure I didn't do it again. Still have the scar across my backside. Would you like to see?"

"No, no, that's quite alright. Please go on."

"There's nothing for me to be ashamed of and that's something my mother taught me - humility. I've been put in my place more times than I believe I can count. She also taught me the value of life, which for her, was certainly a change of pace since I knew of some unscrupulous events she was involved in. Or rather, I found out when I got older and realized that her priorities changed when she became a mother which made her seem that much more perfect in my eyes. I understand that we all make mistakes and learning from them, is what matters, but in some instances, mistakes can mean life or death. It's making good decisions, logical ones, that make the difference."

"Is there anything your father taught you?"

"The Clan comes first."

"Okay then, what about your time at Academy?"

"It wasn't eventful, at all. I passed my classes and graduated, there wasn't any lifelong bonds made or anything, if that's what you're wanting to know. A couple of people I knew, a couple were friendly, a couple were dicks, I mean, it was school. Nothing really happened..."

"And your Genin team? What were they like?"

"To put simply, they sucked. I hate to talk about them in a negative light, but let's be real here, they were utterly useless and since we're being honest, I was just as useless. I really, I mean, really serious when I say this - I don't believe our sensei gave two flying squirrels about us or she wouldn't have allowed us into the Chuunin Exams. She'd have told them that we weren't ready because WE WERE NOT READY for the Exams, like at all. My teammates were twins, Lyle and Lyna, yeah, brother and sister of some weird Clan that I can't recall at the moment. Anyways, being twins, you'd think they'd have similar styles or affinities, or something that would strengthen the other, or something productive. No such luck because Lyle had Suiton and Lyna had Katon. And they fought. All. The. Time. Lyle would get burned to a crisp every chance Lyna had while Lyle would put out her fire every chance he got. And there I was, just trying to do things and get my Boy Scout badge for teammwork. Never got that badge, by the way. Eventually, it got to the point where I was trying to persuade them to get along and they were turning on me, together. We didn't learn anything and was forced into the Chuunin Exams because, why not? Maybe we'd get lucky. Well, I got lucky. Lyle and Lyna actually ended up killing each other in the first twenty minutes of the Exams. Perhaps I was just pitied by my opponent and he let me win. Regardless of how or why, I did win my first match and went on to win the second and third, but lost in the final round to a Senju that KO'd me in the first three minutes. I didn't stand a chance against him and afterwords, we became friends."

"What about today? Are you two still close?"

"Absolutely. Aikki is a great guy and someone I trust with my life."

"Tell me of your future goals and we'll finish there."

"There's a few goals I have in mind. ANBU would be the closest in reach, seeing as showing my worth to my father seems like a distant dream, but one day, I hope to accomplish it. I'd like to be ANBU to protect all that I hold dear - the village itself, my family, my friends, and my honor. Making my parents proud would be a goal too. Heh, isn't it every child's ambition though? There's nothing else really, I just want to be the best that I can be... without the weird uncles and creepy cousins."

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: [130 / 130]

Inventory Ninja Points: [0 / 130]

[Metal Rising] Adept [2]
Description: The user has trained extensively in the use of the chosen jutsu, giving it more power and making it more cost effective to use. This trait can only be initially taken on a jutsu two ranks or more above that of the user (The user must actually have that jutsu on their profile) The user must have maximum Spirit attribute for their rank to take this trait.
Benefit: User does not suffer the cost or power penalty for using this jutsu if it is two ranks above their own. When they reach a rank where the penalty is no longer incurred, the jutsu costs 10% less to cast, and is 10% more powerful.

Physical Chakra [2]
Description: You get a spiritual experience from working out; the result is that your chakra enhances faster through physical training than others.
Benefit: For every 5 points in Strength, Speed, or Agility, you gain 1 additional Chakra.

Spiritual Chakra [2]
Description: Your Spirituality and mental facilities affect your chakra levels slightly more than other people, providing you with a greater amount of chakra.
Benefit: For every 5 points of Spirituality, Willpower, and Stamina, you gain 1 additional Chakra, on top of what you would ordinarily earn.

Chakra Titan [4]
Description: Requires both Physical Chakra and Spiritual Chakra. The user’s chakra network has become so refined that they derive an even greater amount of chakra from traits that increase it.
Benefit: The required traits provide 1 additional chakra per 2 points in their required attributes, instead of the normal 5 points required.

Trait Ninja Points: [10 / 130]

Strength: 30
Speed: 50
Agility: 50
Perception: 50
Endurance: 25
Willpower: 10
Spirituality: 50
Stamina: 30

Attribute Ninja Points: [59 / 130]

690 [Base] + 110 [Traits] // 800

Strike Power:
Strike Speed:
Blocking Power:
Chakra Manipulation:
Shape Transformation:
Nature Transformation:
Bladed Weapons:
Other Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Chakra Control: 60 [12% Deduction]
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Enhanced Sense (Enter Sense):
Medical Knowledge:

Skill Ninja Points: [6 / 130]

Chakra Natures:
Base - Katon [Fire] [0]
Secondary - Doton [Earth] [2]
Tertiary - Koton [Metal] [4]

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: [6 / 130]

[AS & Genin Completed]

D Rank
Metal Trick [1]

C Rank
Flash-Forge [2]

B Rank
Railgun [4]
Dissolution [4]
[Cost: 29 via mastery]

A Rank
Quicksilver Flow [7]
[Cost: 18 via mastery]

S Rank
Secret Art: Metal Rising [10]
[Cost: 66 via mastery]

Jutsu Ninja Points: [28 / 130]

Special Abilities:
Kodogu - All Kodogu clan members are born with an affinity for Koton; Kodogu who have both Doton and Katon may choose to purchase Koton instead of Lava release, although this does not prevent them from learning both if they so choose and pay the points for it. Additionally items created and maintained by the Kodogu are superior and considered to be a rank higher where applicable. S rank items are similarly superior to other S rank items although not by any means indestructible unless altered through some other means.

Advanced Abilities:
Hagane no Noroi [Path of the Shifter - Stage 3] [6 AA]
[Cost: 44 for Disguise Self, 31 for Partial Shift]

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: [21 / 130]

Spent Ninja Points: 130 / 130
Remaining Ninja Points: 0


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Kodogu Zaijorou
 Posted: Mar 25 2018, 04:03 PM
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