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> [A Rank ANBU Mission] Rescue Princess Peach
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 07:27 PM
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Gopher Tuna

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Rescue Princess Peach

A - ANBU Mission

Frantic parents, [Insert Generic Names Here], are in search of their missing daughter. They've been through the ringer trying to find her - put up Missing Person signs all over the neighborhood, gone door-to-door to inquire about the whereabouts of said daughter, and even went so far to put her picture on milk cartons with "Have you seen me?" printed below. No such luck. She's been missing for seventy-two hours and most believe the girl to have died in the wilderness or drowned in the nearby river. No body has yet been recovered, however. Some strings were pulled and the ANBU were informed by a very angry [Insert Generic Father Here] which lead to Otohiko getting assigned to the case despite his unwillingness. Well, shit rolls downhill. Being Vivian's direct superior, he delegated this mission to her, also informing her it needed to be resolved in twenty-four hours.

- Find Princess Peach [The girl's Codename]
- Bring her home. [In a body bag is not failure but heartbreaking.]
- Fight the bad guys.
- Other shenanigans the NPCer may deem necessary.

- Bowser [lowkey, the BOSS MAN]
- Bowser Jr.[s] [lowkey, guards and shit]
- Princess Peach [a civilian girl]
- Random peoples for random reasons.

Vivian Hyuuga


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Kodogu Zaijorou
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 07:31 PM
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Red-Ice Froot Loli

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Vivian Hyuuga
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Yuzuru Kodogu
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