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> [A-ranked Fuinjutsu] Kizou no Kaen [Uchiha, Zau]
 Posted: May 1 2018, 11:02 AM
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Name: Kizou no Kaen [Gift of Flame]

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Fuinjutsu

Range: Personal

Element: Katon

Requirements: None

Description: The user performs a sequence of handseals, then holds their hand out in front of them. A small flame manifests in the palm of their hand, which is then pressed into a living target. The flames brand the seal into the target, allowing the user to seal a variable amount of their own chakra into the target (chosen at the time of the sealing).

The bearer of the seal can then call upon that chakra to temporarily enhance their ninjutsu capabilities; specifically, they gain 1 point of Spirituality and 5 Points of Chakra Control for every 5 Points of Chakra they drain from the seal. For example, if the Seal contains 100 Chakra, and the bearer drains 50 Chakra from the seal, they gain 10 points of Spirituality and 50 Points of Chakra Control for up to two posts. The bearer can alter how much chakra they are draining from the seal each post.

While using this seal, the bearer's jutsu gain a trace amount of the sealer's chakra, for reference to any abilities that can identify chakra or rely upon the identity of the individual's chakra. Visually, this seal's use is represented by a thin coating of blue flames over the user's body and jutsu. These flames do not produce heat, only light.

Regardless of how much chakra is extracted from the seal, it replenishes itself at the same rate of the bearer's current chakra levels (If the bearer recovers 10% of their chakra, the seal recovers 10% of it's chakra), typically refilling itself within a day.

Limitations: Only up to 100 Chakra can be placed into this seal. The seal cannot hold more than 1/10th of the bearer's total chakra level. These limitations cannot be extended or removed.

The user cannot place this seal on their own body. This limitation cannot be removed.



Post Duration: Variable

Creator: Uchiha Zau

Cost: Variable

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 Posted: May 1 2018, 02:12 PM
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