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> [Ninjutsu] Mercurial Flux
 Posted: May 5 2018, 03:27 PM
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Gopher Tuna

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Name: Mercurial Flux

Rank: A

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu Enhancement

Range: Far [Overlaying Effect]

Element: Non-Elemental

Requirements: Quicksilver Flow and a Mastery of 1 aspect.

Description: Zaijorou’s body has become so adapted to transitioning into his mercurial state that he is now able to produce liquefied manifestations of his body; even while completely liquefied. His control of Quicksilver Flow allows him to make weaponry, or any other sort of creation, by will alone, and these manifestations can be removed, altered even when dislodged from his body as it remains a part of his original form, and may also be destroyed at will. The following additions may also be applied:

- With the addition of pure Katon chakra [5], the creation can explode.
- With the addition of pure Doton chakra [5], the creation can become solid metal.

Creator: Kodogu Zaijorou

Cost: 20 in addition to original jutsu plus a maintenance cost of 20 per post thereafter.


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Kodogu Zaijorou
 Posted: May 5 2018, 06:59 PM
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Red-Ice Froot Loli

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Vivian Hyuuga
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Yuzuru Kodogu
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