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> [Umbrella] Bonebrella
 Posted: May 17 2018, 04:37 AM
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Item Name: Bone-brella

Item Type: Umbrella // Sword + Shield + Gun + Lance


- Umbrella
Length: 4 feet (Handle to Ferrule)
Width: 6 feet (Canopy)
- Sword
Length: 3 feet 6 inches (Handle to Tip)
- Shield
Width: 6 feet
- Gun
Length: 4 feet
- Lance
Length: 7 feet

Weight: 10 pounds // 4.53 kilograms

Appearance: While the majority of the Bonebrella is made out of Keiko's own bones especially made and crafted for each part of the umbrella, the osseous material looks normal and sleek, disguising itself to look similar to polished white jade. The purplish canvas that is almost pink in color is made out of a strong fibrous material similar to Kevlar that covers the entirety of the umbrella's topside. Sporadically decorated on top are etchings of lilacs and purple hydrangeas.


- Keiko is able to use Shikotsumyaku on parts of her Umbrella, 'locking' each form in place to prevent it from changing or collapsing upon outside forces. She can also use it to quickly change forms in an instant.

- With the majority of the umbrella utilizing Tungsten Bones, the wielder gets -5 to Speed and Agility.

- Sword: The sword is located inside the shaft of the umbrella. With the blade itself made from her own
bones, it is both sharp and durable while light enough to wield deftly.

- Shield: The shield portion of the umbrella is the spread-out canvas. The ribs are made of the same bones used for the majority of the umbrella, giving it an increased amount of durability and flexibility. Covering the outer part of the shield is a fire-resistant cloth that has been woven together in such a way that it provides more than enough strength to withstand the piercing of most ninja projectiles and weapons.

- Gun: Small openings the size of a finger at the tip of the umbrella and several on the shaft allows the user to shoot out projectiles. This Umbrella gives Keiko the option of shooting Teshi Sendan and any of its variants through the shaft instead of her fingertips.

- Lance: The ribs of the umbrella fold upwards and join together, the tips interlocking with each other to provide an almost sharp uniform tip. In this 'form', the canvas is tucked neatly inside the lance head, revealing the white bone ribs that make up the umbrella underside.

Owner: Keiko Kaguya

Ninja Point Cost: 3

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 Posted: May 20 2018, 12:12 PM
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Gopher Tuna

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Seems legit.



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