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> [Additions] Onamuchi, Ikoya
 Posted: Jun 5 2018, 09:54 AM
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Character: Onamuchi, Ikoya

Addition: Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai (2 AA) (No Combined element, I'm just adding the AA right now)


Fuuton: Seigyo Hikou [Wind Release: Controlled Flight]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: After throwing a projectile, the user can activate this technique with a single seal. The user can freely alter the wind currents along the path of the weapon to make adjustments to the weapon's path in midair. Skilled use of this technique could even allow for the weapon to make curved, looping flight paths or return to the user should it miss.
Cost: 25 to activate, 5 to maintain


13 NP (7 for the AA, 4 for the element, 2 for the jutsu)


Make sure to alter the AA point totals, Jutsu point totals, and Element totals. Also, my C-ranked Jutsu totals.

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 Posted: Jun 6 2018, 04:46 AM
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