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> [Genin] Dante Kemuri
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 03:56 PM
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Ryu: 2100

Biographical Information

Name: Dante Kemuri
Clan: Kemuri
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Ninja Status: Akarigakure
Rank: Genin
Height: 6' 3"

Description: While tall and muscular, Dante's comes off as slim, his body not betraying the power it contains. Blue eyes, and blonde hair that's shaved short on the sides and usually swept to the left with the longer top. He consistently carries the same general outfit over his light arm, black boots with dark jeans, with a white or black t-shirt, sometimes covered by a dark jacket depending on the environment.

Personality: Dante does, as Dante wants. He tries his best to stay within his moral code and values, to be open, to be compassionate, until his own emotions sometimes take the best of him.

Background Dante grew up...oddly. Born of the Kemuri, his mother and father were not of the sanest mind after growing up with his grandparents, in a post-apocalypse world. Of own volition, against his grandparents wishes, they believing the original Shinobi were the cause of the Armageddon, they sent him to the academy, believing these to be different times; this all being ironic. In early days of his birth, his grandparents had done their absolute best to seal a beast within his being, believing their own salvation was to try to reincarnate the Zaulyl of past. They succeeded.

Having lived off the grid, for most of his life, the culture shock in the academy was great, but he adjusted quickly. The terms passed quickly for him, even though after its finale he left, returning only to bid his loving parents farewell. While not of sound mind, they loved him only as they knew how. Since, he made a life for himself, living how he loved to live; in his emotions, fighting as mercenary, taking care of threats, hunting animals for others.

Combat Information

Available Ninja Points: 70

-Sword: Five and a half feet long, base is eight inches and tapers to a point near the fifth foot, essentially looking like an oversize butchers knife : 1 NP - 10Lb.
- Light Wooden Armor Slats: Connected by steel wire wrapped in leather; covering shins, forearms, torso : 1 NP - 5Lb.

Inventory Ninja Points: 2



Description: You are best on the attack. You gain a bonus when pressing the attack and continually pressuring the opponent.
Benefit: +6 divided as the user chooses among Strength, Spirituality, Endurance, and/or Stamina while attacking, . Once a choice of boosted attributes has been made, it cannot be undone until the next time you switch from defensive actions to offensive. Engaging in any defensive actions ends the boost.

Description: You can throw your weight around with the best of em, using it to supplement your strength as best you can.
Benefit: +2 to Strength for every 25 lbs over 100 your character weighs. A maximum of 6 Attribute Points may be gained this way.

No Guard
Description: You trade blow for blow, with the knowledge that you hit harder, and will win first.
Benefit: +6 divided as the user chooses among to Strength and Endurance as long as you do not dodge or block attacks

Spring Loaded
Description: You have trained to be more effective at jumping. This complements the basic jutsu Chouyaku very well.
Benefit: You can jump higher than normal without the aid of jutsu, and jutsu that enhance jumping are more effective.

Weapon Focus - Sword // Strength
Description: You are particularly skilled at using a particular type of weapon, such as swords, daggers, or staves. This Trait can be taken multiple times to possess a wider range of skills.
Benefit: +6 divided as the user chooses among to Strength and Agility while wielding the chosen weapon. Weapon type must be decided upon addition to character, and cannot be changed.


Description: Your Willpower is unflinching, and it carries through into your very body, making you unflinching yourself.
Benefit: You can force your body to keep fighting after damage that would have disabled it otherwise - this does NOT allow you to ignore fatal damage, however

Description: Your additional bulk aids in your defenses, making you more difficult to injure.
Benefit: +2 to Endurance and Stamina for every 25 lbs over 150. A maximum of 6 Points for each may be obtained this way. Requires Heavy trait.


Description: When blood has been spilled, your adrenaline starts pumping, and you feel more capable of fighting.
Benefit: +6 to Strength and Agility when near a wounded individual; you also have a heightened sense of smell in regards to blood, and can locate a bleeding person by their scent


Description: Combat is where you live and breathe. You fight as hard as you can, whenever you can, and when you do, people tend to see things your way-if they can still open their eyes.
Benefit: +15 to Strength and Willpower when engaging in violence

Trait Ninja Points: 20


Strength: 25 (37) (43 with Weapon Focus) (Bloodthirsty and Warmonger make 64)
Speed: 20
Agility: 15 (18)
Perception: 15
Endurance: 25 (31)
Willpower: 20 (35)
Spirituality: 10
Stamina: 15 (21)

Attribute Ninja Points:

Chakra: 390


Strike Power: 15
Strike Speed:10
Blocking Power: 5
Chakra Manipulation: 5
Bladed Weapons: 5

Skill Ninja Points: 4

Chakra Natures: Katon

Chakra Nature Ninja Points: 0

Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
Ki Nobori [Tree Walking]
Suimen no Hokou [Water Surface Walking]
Genjutsu Kai [Mind Technique Release]
Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: The user expels a large amount of fire from their mouth after a series of handseals, the flames taking on the shape of a perfect sphere at the far end of the blast. The fireball is launched at a distant target to burn it. Note: This technique, while not exclusive to the Uchiha, is a coming of age technique for them-as such, every Uchiha is expected to know this jutsu before being promoted to Chuunin.
Cost: 40

Juuroku Ren Kombo [16 Hit Combo]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: The user unleashes a volley of 12 punches, with a kick following every third punch. On the final kick, the user delivers a roundhouse kick to the target's face. Chakra is used to enhance the speed of the strikes, making it difficult to avoid once the first blow has landed.
Cost: 35

Ichi no Te [First Hand]
Rank: B
Requirements: 50 Strength
Description: Utilizing a large amount of strength and force the user performs a exaggerated sweeping chop motion as a crescent blade shaped shock wave is expelled at short range that results in a punching force traveling through the air in the opponent's direction a short distance. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating. The crescent blade shock wave itself is twice the length of the users arm, that moves forward in the direction/angle of the sweeping chop motion and while blade shape, aims more to pulverizes what it hits over cut through, like a blunt sword.
Weaknesses: Anything that would stop the exaggerated sweeping chop motion before it can be completed stops the shock wave from being formed.
Cost: 70

Jutsu Ninja Points: 8

Special Abilities:
-Altered Element - Katon: Dante's fire at will becomes a much darker shade of red, bordering on crimson.
- Kemuri Clan Members are capable of creating Kemuriton instead of Shakuton when combining the Katon and Fuuton elements.

Advanced Abilities: Jinchuuriki // Initial Jinchuuriki Form - Rank C

Advanced Ability Ninja Points: 1

Spent Ninja Points: 64
Remaining Ninja Points: 6
 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 12:50 PM
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Ryu: 700

Inventory - Can you add how much your items weigh? We need to be able to see it for the encumbrance system.

Inventory Ninja Points - You have a typo. You meant 2, you wrote 20.

Attribute Ninja Points - You didn't fill it in. Should be 29.

Traits - If at all possible, can you divide them up in ranks? That way, we can see at a glance if the math on trait points is accurate. Also, you left the name off of the Heavy trait.

Special Ability - You have more than just the freebie trait. Kemuri can also produce Smoke.

Advanced Ability - You need to indicate the level of your Jinchuuriki ability, not the rank of the Akuma. It's called Initial Jinchuuriki Form.

Background - There should probably be something in there about why you're a Jinchuuriki. That's not a small detail, you know?

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 Posted: Jul 9 2018, 08:08 AM
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Post Count: 237
Member Inventory: View
Ryu: 700


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