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> Poison Template
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 Posted: Jan 10 2015, 02:42 PM
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When creating new poisons, please use the following template. For additional information, reference the Poison Guide

Name: The name of the poison. If you use Japanese, please include a translation to English. This doesn't have to be fancy-"BB's Paralysis Poison" works fine.

Rank: The rank of the poison. It can range from D to S, and consumes a jutsu slot equivalent to the rank of the poison.

Requirements: Optional; any requirements that your poison has, such as other poisons, particular abilities, or minimum attributes.

Description: Describe everything your poison does in detail. Please, try to include everything you can think of. If there are positive side effects to being infected, please include these too-however, poisons, as a rule, must be more negative than positive. Also, this application allows you to use chakra to create your poison on the fly-but doing so in this way produces only enough for a single dose. Other jutsu are required if greater quantities of poison are to be created at will.

Properties: Properties describe aspects of your poison that are not part of the effect. Specifically, things like the poison's boiling point, freezing point, usual state of matter, and intended method of infection would all be included here.

Post Duration: All poisons will have a duration; stronger poisons may have longer durations.

Weapon Usage Please list here how many and what type of any items you want to have this poison precoated on. This must also be included in your RPC profile. Please note the number of pre-coated doses you carry of a poison may affect how its effect is balanced.

Creator: Who created this poison? If it is a clan/organization poison, you may simply list the clan or organization.

Cost: Enter what you believe to be a fair chakra cost. A moderator will work with you on final chakra costs for your poison. Rank does not necessarily determine chakra costs; however, keep in mind that to use your poison in conjunction with a jutsu, the cost of the poison and the jutsu itself are added together.






[b]Post Duration:[/b]

[b]Weapon Usage:[/b]


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