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> Commonly Used Phrases
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 Posted: Feb 10 2015, 02:32 AM
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Hello all. Chances are, if you're here, you know a thing or two about Naruto. But, in case you don't, we have prepared a list of terms you're likely to encounter here. This list is not all-inclusive, obviously-if you're unsure of something, please, ask one of the staff, and we should all be able to help you.

The Basics

Ninja - Ninja here aren't quite the same as the stereotypical Hollywood ninja. Most don't wear full black bodysuits with only their eyes showing, and our variety tend to be a bit flashier than Hollywood ninja. Here, a ninja is a warrior, usually capable of some form of martial arts, and capable of using an energy in their body to accomplish things that would be impossible for normal people, such as walking on water or breathing fire. There isn't really an established look for ninja to have-the most famous of them in this universe, after all, has bright blonde hair and wears orange at all times.

Chakra - Chakra is an energy found in all living things that allows beings to perform acts that, in any other setting, would likely be attributed to magic. The applications of Chakra are near endless-it can control the elements, it can rapidly heal a person's body, it can enhance their physical capabilities-if something is happening and your real-world sensibilities tell you its impossible, Chakra is probably to blame.

Ninjutsu - Ninjutsu, or Ninja Techniques, are analogous to spells in other settings. They allow one to enact an effect on the world that is real and does not rely on the user's physical attributes, such as Strength or Speed. Ninjutsu is the most varied and widely used form of chakra use.

Taijutsu - Taijutsu, or Body Techniques, are essentially just martial arts. Through the use of Taijutsu, one uses his or her body to inflict damage to a target. While most Taijutsu do not use chakra, there are some Taijutsu that are ranked and named, that allow one to, through the use of chakra, augment their martial skill in some way temporarily.

Genjutsu - Genjutsu, or Illusion Techniques, use chakra just like Ninjutsu, and allow for a wide variety of potential effects-unlike Ninjutsu, however, the effects of a Genjutsu are all mental-none of it is really happening. That isn't to say it's a weak form, however-used properly, Genjutsu can be just as dangerous as the more physical styles of jutsu use.

Fuuinjutsu - Fuuinjutsu, or Sealing Techniques, use symbols to achieve Ninjutsu-like effects, or seal objects inside of those symbols. Fuuinjutsu is a complicated style of fighting, and is considered to be a subcategory of Ninjutsu.

Kinjutsu - Kinjutsu, or Forbidden Techniques, are jutsu of any other variety that fulfill at least one of the following three conditions - they pose a great risk to the user of the technique, they cause an undue amount of collateral damage, or they are, for lack of a better term, evil. Kinjutsu are techniques that are forbidden by any legal system from use. If discovered using a Kinjutsu, official ninja may face penalties ranging from docked pay to expulsion from the village, even to execution. Rogue Ninja, ANBU, the Kage and the Kage's Hands may use Kinjutsu without fear of reprisal, though the latter three must toe the line when it comes to "evil" Kinjutsu.

Sensei - A Sensei is an individual who teaches another. In this setting, it generally refers to a higher ranked ninja who has taken charge of the development of one or more lower ranked ninja. Certain techniques may only be learned when taught by a Sensei, as they are too complex or foreign to learn by mere intuition.

Academy Student/D-ranked - This is frequently used as a categorical classification, almost universally to denote the very most basic of something. D-ranked ninja are typically no stronger than normal people, and their jutsu amount to useful tricks.

Genin/C-ranked - As before, this is typically used to classify something, and typically refers to something that is more advanced than the most basic of things, but still on the easy side. Genin are typically strong for their size, and have abilities that may separate them from normal people, but they aren't quite awe-inspiring, and their jutsu can be described similarly.

Chuunin/B-ranked - This is where we're getting a bit more dangerous. This classification refers to things that are about in the middle of the road when it comes to power or complexity. A B-ranked ninja is a remarkable specimen of a human being, and their jutsu are typically just as useful, if not somewhat moreso, than some modern day weapons.

Jounin/A-ranked - This classification refers to advanced, powerful concepts, and is just shy of the peak of what is possible. An A-ranked ninja is above and beyond a human in almost every way that matters, and their jutsu typically can cause a great deal of damage, or accomplish wondrous things like flight or regeneration.

Sei Jounin/S-ranked - This is the top of the top. If someone says S-ranked, you can expect whatever they're talking about to be dangerous. S-ranked ninja are of the level that can destroy cities, lay waste to vast expanses of land, and reshape the world around them-literally. Their jutsu, of course, are what make this possible, and should always be avoided if possible.
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