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> Puppetry Guide
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 Posted: Oct 18 2015, 09:31 AM
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Puppetry is a unique form of combat used by ninja known as puppeteers. By using the technique Kugutsu no Jutsu, the user is capable of attaching chakra threads to a pre-designed mechanical construct referred to as a puppet. After doing so, the puppet and its mechanisms may be manipulated at a distance, often in mid-air, allowing the user to fight relatively safely. It is, however, a complicated fighting style and has a great deal of extra details.

Ordinarily, a puppet requires multiple chakra threads to be attached to it. For a puppet equal to the user’s rank, this is 10 strings. Puppets lower ranking than the one wielding it require only five strings. The technique ordinarily only allows for one string per finger, though there are more advanced forms of the technique that allow for more. Each puppet controlled at the same time requires an additional use of Kugutsu no Jutsu in regards to chakra use; however, the concentration for the technique is considered even to a jutsu of the puppet’s rank.

A puppet is defined in ability by the puppeteer’s abilities and the composition of the puppet itself. The puppet itself does not have Endurance, Perception, Spirituality, Willpower, or Stamina. It does have Strength, Speed, and Agility, but these are defined by the abilities of the puppeteer. The puppeteer’s Spirituality attribute is equal to the speed of the puppet, the user’s Willpower Attribute is equal to the strength of the puppet, and the puppeteer’s Perception Attribute is equal to the agility of the puppet. Even taking this into account, a puppet’s abilities are somewhat determined by its rank. A puppet’s attributes are capped at the threshold at which an attribute increases its price at each respective rank (ie, a C-ranked puppet can not have a stat above 25).

A puppetry based technique can only be used by a puppet that has the proper equipment. For example, if the jutsu requires a buzzsaw, and the puppet does not have a buzzsaw, that jutsu cannot be utilized through that puppet.

~The rank of a puppet determines several things about the puppet, to include materials it can be made of, complexity of its various mechanisms, and how many of those mechanisms it has. However, a puppet's rank does not necessarily indicate the level of jutsu slot, if any, is required.

~A puppet may only be made of materials that correspond to it's rank, as well as materials below that puppet's rank, obviously. See the Material Guide for in-depth details as to what materials are included in each rank.

~A puppet's rank also determines, in some fashion, the number and complexity of mechanisms included within. While there is no hard and fast list, since it would be almost impossible to list every possible mechanism someone could think of, a general rule of thumb is that if it has more moving parts, it requires a higher rank. Things like spring-loaded spikes would be fairly low-ranking; mechanisms such as flamethrowers or chakra shields, require a much higher rank.

~The rank of a puppet also determines the concentration required to maintain it; every individually controlled puppet requires the same concentration as a jutsu of the same rank, regardless of the jutsu used to control them. The exception to this is if the jutsu specifically states that it replaces the concentration of affected puppets.

~A puppet will also require Ninja Points equal to its rank, using the jutsu scale.

~While a puppet by default does not require jutsu slots, jutsu-like mechanisms may require jutsu slots of their own. A puppet can require multiple jutsu slots if it has multiple jutsu-like mechanisms, but the same mechanism repeated several times will not (ie, 3 flamethrowers only require 1 slot, but a flamethrower and a taser require 2). These mechanisms may also require chakra to use if their effect is determined to be anything other than mechanical.

~Possessing a puppet of a particular rank requires at least 2 puppetry-related jutsu per rank of the puppet. For example, to have a D-ranked puppet, you need 2 puppetry-related jutsu. For an S-rank puppet, you would need 10. Any jutsu that explicitly is used for puppets is a Puppetry-Related Jutsu, in addition to Chakra no Ito [Chakra Threads]. You may be required to make custom Puppetry techniques to meet the requirements.

~Lastly, be mindful of how many puppets your character can actually carry. Puppets are generally large, and the more durable they are, the heavier they may be. Additionally, higher ranked puppets may also be larger. Obviously, the larger and heavier a puppet is, the harder it will be to carry multiples of them.
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