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> Advanced Ability - Advanced Chakra Natures
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 Posted: Feb 10 2015, 08:18 AM
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Advanced Chakra Natures are a form of Kekkei Genkai that are a bit more limited in scope-specifically, they allow the user to manipulate an element that a ninja without the Kekkei Genkai could not.

There are several types of Advanced Chakra Nature, which can be placed in a few distinct categories. A list of the specific Advanced Chakra Natures will be maintained, but for now, there are three categories to keep in mind:

Improved Nature - An Improved Nature of chakra is a hyper-specialized, more powerful version of a standard element, usually emphasizing one aspect of the element at the expense of the other aspects. A few good examples include the Uchiha clan's Enton, which is just a specialized Katon, or the Crystal Release, a specialized form of Doton. Access to these natures require just 1 Advanced Ability, though you must also have the basic element they are based off of and then additionally purchase the Improved Nature as you would an ordinary element. If your bloodline explicitly provides you access to one of these, you do not need this Advanced Ability to possess the element, as is the case with the Uchiha Clan and their techniques Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi.

Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai - A Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai is a mixed form of two different elements to create a new material with characteristics of both the parent elements, such as Lava Release from Fire and Earth. Jutsu from these elements are naturally more powerful than single element jutsu, typically being considered equal with their "weaknesses". Access to these natures requires two Advanced Ability Points to obtain, as well as both parent elements. They may then be purchased as normal alongside the base elements using Ninja Points.

Combined Nature Kekkei Touta - A Combined Nature Kekkei Touta is a mixed form of three different elements to create a new material with characteristics of all three parent elements, such as the Dust Release, which is a combination of Doton, Katon, and Fuuton. Jutsu from these elements are much more powerful than single element or even dual element jutsu, typically being superior to all other forms of elemental jutsu. Access to these natures requires three Advanced Ability Points to obtain, as well as all three parent elements. They may then be purchased as normal alongside the base elements using Ninja Points.

In all cases, obtaining the ability to mix elements unlocks access to ALL mixed elements of that tier; you do not need to spend extra AA points to get multiple mixed elements. Unlocking any particular tier of advanced elements also unlocks those beneath it; if you spend 3 Advanced Ability Points on the ability, you have access to all mixed elements.

The following rules apply to all Advanced Chakra Natures.

- First and foremost, Advanced Natures are noticeably more powerful than their single-element counterparts. As such, elements of an Advanced Nature will be more capable against single-element or element-less jutsu of a similar rank, unless they possess a weakness towards that element, in which case, they will be equal. For example, a B-ranked Mokuton jutsu might be superior to a B-ranked Doton jutsu, even if the two do the exact same thing-it may also be more resilient than a B-ranked Doton jutsu as well. However, against a Katon jutsu, Mokuton performs less effectively than against a Suiton or Raiton jutsu. This benefit is enhanced for every element that helps form the new element-Dust Release, for example, is typically on par with most techniques a full two ranks higher.

- Creating a jutsu from a Combined Element carries a minimum jutsu rank. This is not truly a minimum rank, however-it is merely the minimum rank at which the benefit of being a Combined Element is made apparent. For Advanced Natures, that rank is C-for Combined Nature Kekkei Genkai, it is B, and for Combined Nature Kekkei Touta, it is A. Creating jutsu below that rank for the various elements in question yields no benefit beyond making a jutsu of a basic element.

- Advanced Nature jutsu tend to also be more expensive than single element jutsu. While there is no hard and set rule, expect your Mokuton wall to cost you more than a Doton wall of the same rank and same size.

- Creation of your own Advanced Nature is possible-there are, however, a few things to keep in mind. First, when you make it, it immediately is added to the list of Global Advanced Chakra Natures unless it is specific to a certain clan. Second, an Advanced Nature is not simply powering up one element with another, nor is it using two separate elements at the same time-an Advanced Nature MUST create a new material that neither of its component elements could create on their own. So, for instance, you cannot create a Bubble Element-water creates bubbles easily enough on it's own. However, Lava is an Advanced Element, as it is equally Fire and Earth. There is a Global Listing of Advanced Chakra Natures, however-please check that before resolving to make your own.
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