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> Advanced Ability - Sage Mode
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 Posted: Feb 10 2015, 09:18 AM
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Sage Mode is a state the body enters after absorbing Natural Energy and mixing it with Physical and Spiritual energies to create Sage Chakra, a more powerful form of the ninja's personal chakra.

Entering Sage Mode provides the user with many benefits, but the training is difficult and requires a certain strength to already be present. Additionally, the simple process of gathering Natural Energy and creating Sage Chakra is particularly dangerous in the heat of battle. Performed correctly, however, the user can find their power greatly enhanced.

There are two different states of Sage Mode, Imperfect and Perfect. Obtaining Perfect requires having the ability to use Imperfect, though it is perfectly likely that after obtaining the latter, the Imperfect state may never be used again.

To absorb Natural Energy for either state, one must sit perfectly still and focus on detecting and absorbing energy from their environments. There are a few different ways around this restriction, but in no situation may Natural Energy be absorbed and transformed into Sage Chakra without it being done by a Sage. The exact amount of Sage Chakra that can be produced, however, varies depending on one's form and strategy for absorbing it. Absorbing Sage Chakra without being capable of using it usually proves fatal, as the process petrifies the absorber's body. Additionally, Sage Chakra resists attempts to nullify it with normal chakra, reducing the efficacy of these techniques by 50%.

NOTE: Sage Mode requires Kuchiyose before it may be obtained.

Imperfect Sage Mode

Imperfect Sage Mode comes about as a result of being capable of absorbing Natural Energy safely, but being incapable of properly mixing the energy with the other two states. As a result of the imbalance, a user of the Imperfect Sage Mode will experience several grotesque alterations to their body, resembling their natural affinity, typically expressed through the creatures the user learns Sage Mode from-for example, a Frog Sage might grow warts, their hands and feet may change shape to appear more frog-like. An Imperfect Sage still experiences a great deal of benefit, and enterprising Sages may even use the features of their Imperfect Sage Mode to their advantage, but Perfect Sage Mode is usually regarded as simply more powerful. Users of the Imperfect Sage Mode obtain a 20% increase to every attribute. Imperfect Sage Mode costs 2 Advanced Ability Points.

- Can absorb 50 Sage Chakra per post of no movement
- Can only absorb a quarter as much Sage Chakra as the user has Chakra
- Can only use Sage Chakra for techniques while using Sage Mode
- Requires 400 Chakra (on application, not for use); 50 Stamina or 50 Endurance
- No maintenance, but running out of Sage Chakra forces the Mode to end
- All Attributes + 20%
- Extreme Bodily Modifications resembling one's Sage Animal
- Upon ending, user feels extreme exhaustion

Perfect Sage Mode

Perfect Sage Mode is the result of being able to absorb and perfectly balance Natural Energy with one's Physical and Spiritual energies, resulting in a very much improved version of Sage Mode. Unlike Imperfect Sage Mode, the user experiences very little bodily changes while undergoing the effects of Sage Mode-specifically, all users receive some form of darkened pigmentation around their eyes, all users experience a shift in eye color and possibly pupil shape so as to make their eyes resemble their Sage Animal, and some sages grow minor additions such as horns-for the most part, however, a Sage's appearance doesn't change in Perfect Sage Mode. Users of Perfect Sage Mode can absorb energy faster, can absorb more of it, and receive a better benefit to their attributes. Additionally, their chakra sense becomes more precise, allowing the user to essentially fight blind if necessary, with an enhanced range of 3 miles. Perfect Sage Mode costs 2 Advanced Ability Points

- Can absorb 100 Sage Chakra per post of no movement
- Can absorb half as much Sage Chakra as the user has Chakra
- Can only use Sage Chakra for techniques while using Sage Mode
- Requires Imperfect Sage Mode ; 600 Chakra ; 50 Stamina and Endurance
- No maintenance, but running out of Sage Chakra forces the Mode to end
- All Attributes + 50%
- Chakra Sensing for one mile; allows for detection of jutsu and identification of chakra, as well as detection of movement as precise as vision
- Minor bodily modifications
- Upon ending, user feels mild exhaustion
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