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> Clan/Organization Template
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 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 11:31 AM
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When creating your clan or organization, please use the following template. You may reference the Clan and Organization Rules for more information.

Name: Self explanatory.

Leader: Describe the leader. If the Leader has an application, please link to that instead.

Fighting Style: This is more common in clans; that being said, if your clan or organization doesn't have their own fighting style, leave this blank.

Description: Describe your clan or organization. If they have a uniform, or tend to share physical traits, include those factors here. Also describe your clan or organization's philosophies, if they share any. (Organizations should always have a shared philosophy, though for clans, it is optional)

Bloodline: Only clans may have a bloodline.

Special Ability: Only clans have a special ability. Special Abilities are certain characteristics that belong only to members of this clan, but occur naturally. These abilities do not need to be purchased with any points, and are passive. Not every clan has a special ability. These abilities may range from making the acquisition of certain abilities easier, lessening the costs of traits or jutsu, or other unique abilities.

Clan/Organization Jutsu: If you have any, list them here. If you create jutsu for your clan or organization after your clan/organization has been approved, they will be edited in to this field by a moderator.

Background: Describe your clan/organization's history. You most likely have a few generations to work with here-so please, be detailed.



[b]Fighting Style:[/b]



[b]Special Ability:[/b]

[b]Clan/Organization Jutsu:[/b]

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