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> Advanced Ability - Unique Weapons
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 Posted: Mar 1 2015, 12:41 PM
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The ability to wield Unique Weapons is considered an Advanced Ability. A Unique Weapon is any weapon that, without the use of external jutsu, exhibits jutsu-like abilities. These abilities drain chakra as normal, but may be used without handseals and without concentration, since it is the weapon itself using the ability. Some of these weapons possess a limited form of intelligence.

Possessing this Advanced Ability allows one to apply for any number of Unique Weapons they wish. Someone who lacks this ability may wield a Unique Weapon they pick up, but cannot carry it out of the thread.

The individual abilities of a Unique Weapon differ wildly. If a Unique Weapon has an ability that would otherwise require an Advanced Ability, you must have both this Advanced Ability and the other in order to have the weapon. This Advanced Ability costs 1 to 3 Advanced Ability Points, depending on the actual ability of the weapon. The exact cost will be reviewed when the weapon is applied for.
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