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> Advanced Ability - Chakra Sensing
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 Posted: Mar 1 2015, 12:46 PM
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A select few individuals are capable of sensing Chakra in some way or another. This is typically done via a sixth sense, though it is possible to see, smell, or hear chakra as well. Obtaining this Advanced Ability does NOT allow you to passively sense chakra; rather, this simply gives you the ability to create jutsu that allow you to sense chakra.

Possessing this Advanced Ability also allows you to create jutsu to suppress your own chakra in various ways, but under no circumstances can you suppress chakra and sense chakra simultaneously. Additionally, using chakra in any way cancels suppression. Both branches of this Advanced Ability are typically very low cost in terms of chakra.

You do not need to take this ability if you possess another Advanced Ability that allows you to sense or suppress chakra, UNLESS you are attempting to sense or suppress chakra in a way the other Advanced Ability does not allow for. This Advanced Ability costs 2 Advanced Ability Points.
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