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> Advanced Ability - Kekkei Hen'i
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 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 08:24 PM
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Kekkei Hen'i, or Bloodline Variations, are special abilities that are unique to an individual's body, not an ability that was learned or trained as most are.

Bloodline Variations are most similar to Bloodlines, but vary drastically in their application, as wildly as Bloodline Limits. Bloodline Variations are most common in families that already have a Bloodline Limit and are quite commonly found in individuals descended from multiple bloodline-wielding clans, but they are not necessarily restricted to those families. Variations are different from Bloodline Limits in that, usually, only one member of the clan will have a particular Kekkei Hen'i. Kekkei Hen'i, in form, function like single stage bloodlines.

While there is no hard ruling, as a general rule of thumb, the greater the potential of the bloodline ability, the more Advanced Ability Points it will consume. It is possible to have more than one. A Kekkei Hen'i must be at least tangentially related to the user's clan. A Nara clan member is not going to suddenly develop a monkey tail, for instance.
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