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> Bloodline List
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 Posted: Mar 1 2015, 01:31 PM
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Kept below is a record of all currently existing Bloodlines. Each Bloodline will have it's own application, and a link will be provided. The specific clan the bloodline belongs to will also be indicated below. If it is on this list, you may join it-but, if it is a user-made clan, you must obtain permission from the current head of the clan before doing so. Canon clans require no permission to join.

Hyuuga Clan - Byakugan
The Byakugan is a Doujutsu of the Hyuuga clan, famed for its ability to provide the user with a nearly 360 degree field of vision, with only one small blindspot. The Byakugan provides the user with a great deal of other eye-based abilities as well.

Uchiha Clan - Sharingan
The Sharingan is a Doujutsu of the Uchiha clan, well known for its ability to copy jutsu and provide a wide variety of unique sight-based abilities. The Sharingan is capable of providing other unique abilities to each individual wielder as well.

Senju/Uzumaki Clans - Body of the Sage
The Body of the Sage is a shared bloodline between the Senju and Uzumaki clans, providing the user with a very powerful vitality, usually translating to a vastly extended lifespan and the ability to survive many things that would otherwise prove fatal, as well as allowing the user to withstand many drawbacks associated with various techniques.

Kaguya Clan - Shikotsumyaku
The Shikotsumyaku is a bloodline of the Kaguya Clan that gives the user the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure, allowing them to strengthen their bones, as well as grow new ones, to use as weapons and armor.

Kemuri Clan - Kazankami
The Kazankami is a bloodline of the Kemuri Clan that give the user the ability to affect the temperature of the world around them, as well as providing them an additional method of sensing enemies.

Tremere Clan - Thaumaturgy
Thaumaturgy is a bloodline of the Tremere Clan that gives the user the ability to substitute blood for chakra, manipulate blood, and even replenish their bodies and improve their minds by ingesting foreign blood.

Kodogu Clan - Hagane no Noroi
The Hagane no Noroi is a bloodline of the Kodogu Clan that gives the user varying abilities related to metal and the manipulation thereof; it gives the user's body metallic traits as well, and additionally enhances all items the user creates.

Onijinja Clan - Gaki
Gaki is a bloodline of the Onijinja Clan that enhances the user's ability to sense and absorb chakra, and even enhances the user's body as they continue to do absorb it.

Shizuka Clan - Ichiji-Tekina Shinjitsu
Ichiji-Tekina Shinjitsu is a bloodline of the Shizuka clan that grants the user greater control over their own chakra, allowing them to employ a variety of effects related to the manipulation of chakra itself.
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