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> Trait Template
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 Posted: Apr 26 2015, 03:45 AM
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When creating your trait or fighting style, please use the following template. Be sure to reference the Trait Listing for a short guide on traits, and to insure your trait or something similar does not already exist. Traits should be made available at the highest possible level that makes sense for that particular trait. If the trait enhances Sharingan, it obviously should likely be an Uchiha Clan trait. If a trait could apply to another person, it should be available for that other person to access. If a trait is given odd requirements that do not seem to be required for its effect, those requirements will likely be removed in the application process to make that trait as available as possible.

Trait Name - Self explanatory. Please put the name inside the italics marks, it makes it easier for us mods to add it to the list if we don't have to alter the formatting.

Description: Describe what your trait or fighting style does. Please do not include a number-based description, that comes later.

Benefit: Here is where you would include the number-based description. Tell us exactly how this trait alters your character's attributes, abilities, chakra, etc.

Trait Type: This lets us know where in the Trait List to add this. This may be : D, C, B, A, or S-ranked, Advanced Ability, Negative, or Fighting Style. Fighting Styles are generally specific to a clan or organization, rather than being global. The majority of fighting styles are custom creations.

[i]Trait Name[/i]

Trait Type:
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