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> Unique Weapon Template
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 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 12:49 PM
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Unique Weapons

Item Name: Self Explanatory; what is your weapon or item called?

Item Type: Sword, Glove, Kunai, etc...what is it?

Dimensions: Width, Height, etc. Please use both metric and imperial measurements.

Weight: Self-explanatory. Please use both metric and imperial measurements.

Appearance: Describe your weapon's appearance. We should be able to picture your weapon without a picture, though if you choose to include one, that would be appreciated.

History: No weapon with a jutsu-like ability just accidentally came into existence; they should all have a history of some sort. Please be detailed. The more powerful the weapon, the longer its history should be.

Specialties: Unique Weapons may have abilities that seem jutsu-like. Weapons with these abilities are very rare.

Costs: Chakra costs and Advanced Ability Point cost are both included here. A Moderator will work with you to decide on the exact values. Unique weapons do not cost additional Ninja Points beyond their Advanced Ability Point cost.

Owner: Who owns this weapon? If it belongs to a clan or organization, list that instead of an RPC.

[B]Item Name:[/B]

[B]Item Type:[/B]







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