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Jashinru Uchiha


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Nov 2 2017, 10:06 AM
Jashinru woke up at the crack of dawn as instructed by his Sensei Lady Kazue. His eyes low and droopy from exhaustion. It seemed the Chuunin exams were coming up, and his sensei wanted to train him. When he arrived to the field, he found that a lot of it was cleared as if it was to make room for something. His senseis voice ushered to him, as she stood there in elegance next by a tree. Alright Jashinru. Its time to get some work done! she said in a commanding tone.

huh? Jashinru said, sadness over lack of sleep taking the majority of his tone. Out of all of my students, your the clumsiest, and somewhat of a goofy slacker! she said. Jashinrus head lowered, great he was getting scolded. However, you've got potential, your capable of accomplishing whatever it is you put your mind to, you just have to want to! Your almost like me. Almost. she said, her hand lighting up in loud crackling raiton chakra as she spoke.

You copied Chidori on our mission, but instead created something else, now i'm going to teach you how to make a proper chidori without hand seals. she would say, Your going to learn to use it with no hand seals, your going to master this technique. Be wary though, at your level of ability, this technique is going to take a tole on your body, its going to cost you, so your going to have to use it sparingly, but if you master this, your place in the chuunin exams history should be assured. You just need to learn to focus! she would say.

Jashinrus eyes perked up as his sensei was immediately next by him, Chidori right next by his head. Turn on your Sharingan. she would command.
Sep 10 2017, 08:10 AM
Jashinru was running late...later than late he was literally knocking over civilians because he was so late. He was dashing past the crowd to get to his teams meeting point at the front gate of the village. Realizing he didn't bring anything except his ninja belt he had to make a couple of stops to get some necessities for the trip, he needed ramen cups, Oreos, damn it he needed under wear! He knew Zau would have something to say, big mouth but he didn't care at this point he just wanted to kick someone ass.

He dashed in the local department store, and grabbed everything with quickness and didn't even bother waiting in line he just threw the money in the county and dashed out. The cashiers giving him glares as the blur of a genin made his way out of the store. Today was not starting out good.


The dig team was already at the gate, shaking hands with a chuunin rep from the village about how pleased they were that they had a team of responsible young ninja to help protect them as they finish up the dig. They were ready to go but was the team? They were already short one, but what about the other two if they weren't as irresponsible as the latter the head archaeologist would look to the other two with unease. [b] is the third always late?[\b] he was a timely man, and this dig was of great importance and could make his career if the find turns out.

The other archaeologists were just standing there posted up by the wall wondering why they were paying for late service. Then a crashing on the ground would be heard from none other than Jashinru who would be laying flat on his face holding his hand up. [b]Im here I'm good![\b]

The head archaeologist would face palm himself in frustration he didn't know what to say. [b]Child...you...let's just go...[\b]
Aug 28 2017, 10:59 AM
Jashinru had heard of a small oasis located out in the desert. He traveled to the far out skirts of the village away from the noise of clan compounds and city folk to find it. He need to start mastering some of his basic techniques to give him an edge up on his teammates. Especially Zau, that guy needed to be put in his place! The sun was beating down on his short dark hair, sweat dripping from his face as he traveled for merely peace and quiet. His dark eyes stared forward as he tried to spotted something in the distance, and prayed that it wasn't a mirage. He squinted softly as he saw water, and a few palm trees. EUREKA!!! he shouted dashing towards it with all his speed. When he arrived to the spring he fell to his knees purposely throwing his face into the fresh water of the oasis. GOD THAT FEELS AMAZING!!! he'd say. He then crawled under the palm tree and caught his breath.

Alright, its time to get started. Jashinru dropped his bag on the ground and all his other equipment. He was here to master Shunshin, the fastest technique in the world. He wanted to be the fastest Uchiha ever and this is where it began. First he needed to decide what about the technique he wanted to improve upon, in his past uses of the technique he realized that he couldn't change direction while using the technique, he needed to use a single hand seal to use the technique, and it only had a distance of 20 feet. He sat there holding his chin for a moment as he contemplated which he wanted to train first.

As he thought about it, changing direction would be really handy, and would definately put him ahead of Zau. For that he was willing to go the distance. For that he'd train harder than that no it all. He looked out into the open desert, this was his stomping grounds, this is where he would master all of his Jutsu. Jashinru then made the single hand seal and leaned left. The chakra assisted speed then began, and he was 20 feet to the left before he knew it, sand trailing where he'd left behind. That was so fast... he'd say looking to the left, noticing he didn't even have a chance to change direction.

This is going to be a lot harder than I thought... he'd say sighing not looking forward to the amount of work he would have to put in. He noticed a couple of things however during his almost instantaneous motion. He couldn't see for one, which was very important if he was going to change direction, his muscles also needed to be able to react to such high speed movement, which he wasn't accustomed to at all. He needed to be able to accomplish these two things in order to be able to change direction while moving. Physically speaking he needed to get better, and his perception needed work as well.
Aug 14 2017, 10:12 AM
Kaboom! was the first sound this forest heard early in the morning. Birds in the trees near the explosion began to scatter in the wind as their poor nests had been knocked over. Next sound heard was clinging of Kunai parrying one, as father and son clashed in a battle of determination. Jashinru and his father had begun their early sparring, and nothing was safe. Jashinrus father, Jakobe was a considerably strong shinobi, and had taken himself down to his sons level as to make the fight fair. Jashinru however, didn't see it that way. He had thought he was finally catching up to his father, and wanted to show him truly how strong he had gotten since his graduation.

Jashinru bounced back against the training field sliding across the ground knealt down with his left hand against the ground to give him some support. His Sharingan was activated, which in all rights it needed to be in order for him to keep up with his fathers high speed movement. Usually he'd be able to see it, but not react, but today was different. Today he was reacting perfectly well to what he was seeing which he found strange. However right now he couldn't see him, he could barely even hear his foot steps. He kept his eyes sharp as he looked from corner to corner for his father.

Suddenly, a Kunai came flying by his face and pierced the dirt near his foot. When he looked at it, it was on fire he already knew what to do next. He Leaped back into the trees, as another loud Kaboom took place making a loud explosion upon the training environment. He looked to conceal himself from his fathers attacks hiding in the brush of the woods, all the while Genjutsu Sharingan Murder had been activated upon his last eye contact with his father, making an illusionary version of himself fall from the sky on top of his father, and then disperse into a murder of crows that began flocking around him.
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