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Sakura Dezaki


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Jan 20 2018, 05:35 AM
The sweet delicate perfume of Wisteria wafted across the arena. Her nostrils flared, her azure eyes sparkled with awe as they raised up to focus on the flowers of the tree. Spring time was truly the most beautiful season from her perspective, everything was so youthful and full of life, the same thing she had hoped could be said about the place she was currently sat. Underneath the Wisteria. Waiting for a challenge.

A flower floated down from above and landed in her short hair, descending from one of the clusters hanging from the vines. Her heart skipped a beat as she hoped someone had turned up to entertain her but as she glanced around, she noted that that was not the case at all. The arena was beautiful, a true paradise, a little shard of everything a shinobi student could need for any of their fighting styles found in the area. Raising her slender fingers, she plucked the runaway flower from her hair and rolled it through her fingers, smiling at both its beauty and its destruction.

“Why won’t anyone approach me?
I thought being an idol would be fun.”
Dec 31 2017, 05:13 AM
Character: Sakura Dezaki

Addition: Bunshin no Jutsu Mastery
[2] If the jutsu was a Ninjutsu, you may now use it without handseals.

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Dec 29 2017, 11:13 AM
Stepping inside the rehearsal room, Sakura looked at herself in the long wall-length mirror and frowned. It was rare that she stepped inside the dance studio without Akeno, it didn’t feel right to only face one of herself in the mirror, but she also knew that it was best to practice with her ‘backing dancers’ without any distraction. Rattling through the seals for Bunshin at double speed, she focused her chakra and soon had another ‘Sakura’ next to her, summoned from the puff of smoke.

She nodded to herself as she kicked off her shoes and watched the motionless clone in the mirror, breathing deeply, enjoying the soft feeling of wood underneath her toes. Without any instructions, the clone stood idly, a dead being with no soul. The frown returned to her lips, needing not to pretend that she was happy go lucky right now, and let the flow of the dance run through her mind without transmitting it to the clone just yet.

“Come on you superstar.
Let’s dance!”

Eyes forward in front of the mirror, she gave the mental commands to her clone to do what was necessary for the dance. It would do nothing other than the dance, that was its sole purpose, but she needed to confirm if this would work. Together the pair ran through the dance at full speed and Sakura was not disappointed with her work, or rather, at least not her clones work. She, herself, made a few mistakes along the way. She, the clone, did not...it was frustrating...the mindless drone worked through her command with no room for mistakes, following only the programming.

“So unfair.”
Dec 9 2017, 05:57 PM
Character: Dezaki, Sakura


Shuriken Boujou
Kage Shuriken

Requirements: 2x 2 Paragraphs of Training
Another 2x 2 Paragraphs
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